Product announcement - SHARP APL/UNIX 4.02 
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 Product announcement - SHARP APL/UNIX 4.02

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Announcing SHARP APL for UNIX

Toronto, Canada, July 19, 1993 - Soliton Associates today
announced the introduction of SHARP APL 4.02 for UNIX.
Soliton Associates, which develops, markets, sells and
supports SHARP APL for MVS mainframes, extends its high
performance software technology to the UNIX environment.

SHARP APL for UNIX is highly compatible with the MVS
version, and comes with built-in interprocess communication
capabilities.  In announcing the new product, Mike Symes,
Soliton Associates' vice president of Research and
Development, said "Making the two products highly compatible
provides our existing SHARP APL users with a simple process
for porting applications between environments. At the same
time it provides new users freedom to design and develop
client/server and distributed processing applications

APL has proven to be a language of choice for sophisticated
problem solving by financial analysts, actuaries and
engineers.  SHARP APL is both the APL computer language and
a high-performance computing environment that supports many-
user, interactive, shared-data applications.

SHARP APL 4.02 for UNIX extends the APL language of the MVS
version and includes state-of-the-art communication
capabilities. Soliton Associates' interprocess communication
supports program-to-program communication between
cooperating tasks on diverse and physically separate
computers running either UNIX or MVS.

SHARP APL 4.02 for UNIX is available for SUN SPARCStations
running SUNOS 4.1 and IBM RS6000 running AIX 3.2.

To order, or to get more information on SHARP APL 4.02 for
UNIX or other Soliton products contact a Soliton Associates
sales representative in Canada, the United States or the

This posting is forwarded from an internal Soliton mailbox.
No statement or opinion contained herein should be taken as
being Soliton policy, or even as being approved by Soliton,
in any way.

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