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 Building applications

In the past there has been some postings on the issue of comments (Stevan
Apter, Bob Bernecky, Roger Hui, among others).
In a new large application I find myself doing the following:
Rigorously break down the functionality into the SMALLEST POSSIBLE building
bricks (if not done already by the staff responsible for the application,
which is often the case when the staff has a mathematical attitude, like

1. type in a name for the new function, say fn02
2. double click on name and start editing (as in Dyalog)
3. [0] type :  "r{gets}" in front and type  " arg" as the placeholder for
the righthand argument
4. [1]{comment} saying in one line WHAT the function is doing
5. [2]{comment} arg {gets}{goto} list of ALL by this function and any
called function needed REAL variable names, separated by spaces, order
6. [3]{comment} reserved: if arg is a long list put the dummy names (a b c
d .., see [4]) in the middle below each variable name
7. [4] a b c d  ...  {gets} arg (at the same time add ;a;b;c;d ... to the

Save results of called functions

8. [5] aa {gets} fn00  a b c ...  {comment} line [2] of fn00
9. [6] bb {gets} fn01  b ...       {comment} line [2] of fn01
&c.  and add ;aa;bb ... to header
10. [n] r {gets} ... function of a, b, aa, bb ...

This is a "recursive" operation and I experience further comments being
superfluous and a highly increased speed of development.
I can even imagine (in the future), working this way, a certain degree of
automatic generation  of APL code.
It implies a bottom-up approach.

Jan Karman

Sun, 09 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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