Partially decomposing.. 
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 Partially decomposing..

Jack Rudd:
: Actually, I use, with cover functions, a sort of omega "apply to
: each" thing, and I can scale almost any problem.  Just needs a
: little planning.  We'll never have infinite workspace, just get used
: to it!

Any reason these sorts of mechanisms shouldn't be made a part of a
language implementation?

Raul D. Miller           n =: p*q             NB. 9<##:##:n [.large prime p, q

                         NB.  public e, n, y
                         x -: n&|&(*&y)^:d 1  NB. 1=(d*e)+.p*&<:q

Fri, 14 Mar 1997 03:53:21 GMT  
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