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 The FAQ file

>       The APL FAQ is quite large.  It could be posted in
>       multiple parts, or a briefer version could be posted,
>       with the full version available by FTP.  This would be
>       up to the FAQ maintainer.  In any case, the FAQ is
>       clearly on-topic, and is not a binary.

The APL FAQ file has about 1450 lines.
Whether this is large or small, depends on your point of view.
When compared to other FAQ files it is not out of line as to size.
The APL FAQ file is distributed to this news group, comp.lang.apl,
once a month, and people who subscribe to the (e-mail) LISTSERV
from UNB.CA, receive it by mail at the same interval.
Some news servers keep such files over the lifetime of the file, even
though they cause other messages to expire sooner.

One important benefit that any FAQ file serves is to minimize
certain kinds of traffic on the news group, messages like
"Where do I find X", "How can I get Y".  This feature is valuable,
not just because of the volume of traffic that does not get generated,
but also because of the time saved on the part of those who are
generous enough to answer the questions.

After Sam Sirlin distributes the file, copies are filed in other places
where they are available both by FTP and HTTP.  Users may point their
web borwser to
which in turn points to these locations:

   A HyperText version in the Oxford Library
   The RTFM collection at MIT
   From the APL Archives. in Waterloo

At least one of these relies on the the news group mailing, but
certainly other arrangements can be made.


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