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An APL postscript font was distributed free of charge at the conference
APL90.  I have not tried it yet, but I do have a copy.  This font was
developed by Adrian Smith, editor of Vector, the APL publication of
the British APL Association.  I am not certain, but I think that
Adrian started with a scanned image of 2741 APL typeball characters,
and edited these to produce the final results.

I understand that it is a "line font", and it expands quite nicely
to large sizes.  I saw examples of several letters and numbers, each
on a full sheet of paper.  They looked good at that scale, and the
look good at publication size in "Vector".   I understand that they
can be used together with TeX, but have not tried them myself.

I am willing to e-mail these on a limited basis to anyone who writes.

Thu, 11 Feb 1993 21:10:45 GMT  
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