AP207 for OS/2 in APL2 Tutorial TEACH48 
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 AP207 for OS/2 in APL2 Tutorial TEACH48

 [ There has been a change in APL2.  This correspondence was sent

 [ post it on his behalf.  Lee{*filter*}ey

  On Sunday I received the following message from Mr. Erbe

> Date: Sun, 15 Dec 96 21:12:09 +0100

> Subject: APL2 Tutorial TEACH48
> Dear Mr. Jizba,
> the 'WRITE' command of AP207 obviously does return only SIX  
> elements (NOT: eight). This generates an INDEX ERROR when    
> executing TEACH2.The following changes would put things        
> straight:

> D207<-- 'MOVE' U[1 2] 'BOX' (U[5 4],0,0) <> T<-- test

> D207<--'MARKER' 4  <> D207<--'MARKER' U[5 4]

> TEACH2[15]:
> DISPLAY 3 2 {rho} T.

> A corresponding adjustment should apply to TEACH49.
> Kind regards      Rolf Erbe.

Here is the response from Nancy Wheeler, IBM

Date: Tue, 17 Dec 96 09:22:10 PST

Subject: Problem with AP207
Hi Denny,
It's true, as originally shipped, the version of AP 207 for OS/2
returned 8 elements from WRITE and QWRITE. However, a customer
reported that this was inconsistent with other versions of AP
207, and after some deliberation, we decided we agreed that it
was an error. The reasons were that all the other AP 207's in the
world (DOS, AIX, Sun) return only 6 elements, and the original
documentation stated that 6 elements were returned. The error was
corrected in a CSD (CSD 8 I believe) to APL2 for OS/2. I imagine
you created your workspace running an older level and Mr. Erbe is
running a newer level. We apologize that the incompatibility of
this change has had an effect on your workspace. We surveyed our
internal IBM customers to see if anyone would object to the
change, none did.  And this is the first time anyone has noticed
it since the change was shipped. However, it is no less annoying,
I am sure. Regards,
Nancy Wheeler
APL Products and Services

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