Sharp APL (Was: questions on early APL 
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 Sharp APL (Was: questions on early APL

I have had messages back from three former Sharp employees
setting me straight about something I wrote about
the 360 emulator that is a part of Sharp's APL for DOS.

Many hands were in on this one; at the very least, Roger Moore, Dough
Forkes, Eugene McDonnel, and Bob Bernecky played significant roles.
One said that all in the ZOO (the development team at Sharp) worked on
one aspect or another of the PC project.  Another writer said that the
highest praise he ever got came when he asked Roger if his code was
okay, and he got the reply, "Yes, I put it in and it worked."

The version of Sharp APL currently being distributed as ISIAPL is
version 20, and not Release 19.


Fri, 04 Oct 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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