An Apology and A Tragedy 
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 An Apology and A Tragedy

To my APL friends:

Many of you may have noticed that I did not attend APL 96 last year.

I had tentatively agreed to report on my work on a dialect of APL2
named 0 (zero). 0 is a simple and powerful modern APL. Syntax is
simplified. Array rank and depth are merged. Functions can take
functions as arguments and return functions as results. Operators are
eliminated (reduce is a dyadic function). Arrays can hold  functions
and data. 0 is written is 0 (<1200 lines) and hand-compiled to APL.

I didn't go to the conference. The APL 96 program committee had to try
to patch the hole I left in the conference. I am truly sorry.

I apologize to both the program committee and to the APL community.


My son Christopher was dying of a rare cancer. He was diagnosed with
pontine glioma (tumor of the pons) on December 8, 1995. It is an
always fatal brain-stem tumor. Chris had less than a year to live. He
would gradually loose the use of his muscles and finally go to sleep
and not wake up. Thankfully, pontine glioma cancer is almost painless.

Christopher Alan Graham died on Monday, July 8, 1996. He was 8 years
old (born April 3, 1988). I had visited him for the last time at his
mother's house on Sunday. I held him and kissed him and sang to him
(as I always did) and silently said goodbye. The day Chris died I was
teaching at Union Bank of Switzerland in NYC. I got the sad news when
I returned home.

It has now been a year since Christopher's death. I am still grieving
but otherwise okay.

I want to thank everyone who offered me a kind word and also to those
who could not.

Life goes on. There is joy. I will be married on October 19 to my
girlfriend Lynne Goldman.

Alan Graham
58 Piccadilly Circle
Doylestown , PA 18901-2475

Sat, 01 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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