New APLASCII release 
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 New APLASCII release

Version 1.2 of the APLASCII transliteration workspace is now available
in the Waterloo archive, in the directory:


   The APLASCII workspace contains programs that translate APL symbols to
{keywords} (allowing you to include APL statements and programs in
e-mail and news postings), translate {keywords} back to APL symbols,
insert function listings into messages, extract functions from messages,
and read and write text files.  It is available for a variety of popular
APL systems.

   This release includes the long-awaited version for Dyalog APL, an
up-to-date version for APL.68000 on the Macintosh, and improvements to
the APL*PLUS and APL2 versions.  The documentation has been rewritten,
various bugs were fixed, and some new {keywords} were added.

   My thanks to Bob Byers, Bill Chang, Lee{*filter*}ey, David Eastwood,
Bob Hoekstra,{*filter*} Holt, Lori Jeromin, Guy Larocque, Olivier Lefevre,
Jeff Richards, Philip Seiden, Andy Shiers, Nancy Wheeler, and Doug White
for helping to get the new release running on different APL systems.


Fri, 02 Jan 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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