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 APL95 Call for Participation

Subject:  APL95 Call for Participation

On behalf of the SIGAPL Executive Comittee and the APL95 Organizing
Committee, I am pleased to present:

                       APL95 Call for Participation
                           "APL Does It Today"

SIGAPL's annual international conference for 1995 will take place between
June 4 and June 8 in San Antonio, Texas.  The technical theme of the
conference is meant to emphasize practical use of APL.  This breaks down
into two sub-themes:

  - APL95 as a showcase for highly-successful use
    of APL in the real world

  - APL95 as a source of practical education in
    modern computing techniques using APL.

Of course, our technical program will be open to all forms of APL, J, and
related languages, and to all the traditional topics and formats of
presentation--but we will be placing special emphasis on material which
relates to practical application.

The key to a successful conference is effective publicity, and to make
the publicity effective we need to include details of what will happen at
APL95.  That's why you'll see target dates included in all the sections
below.  Some dates are very firm (paper review, for example, is a serious
business that has to adhere to a schedule)-- others are more relaxed.  But
the message about dates is this: We can do more to get a good audience for
you if you let us know what you want to do at APL95 in plenty of time.

The conference language is English; there will be no translation facilities
at the conference and we request that all technical material be in English.
However, we are more than happy to cooperate with prospective presenters who
are not English speakers and will work with you on pre-conference
translation of presentations.

We invite proposals from all APL practitioners for a presentation in any of
the following formats:

TUTORIALS AND WORKSHOPS:  It's relatively easy for people to begin using
APL; there are several companies who offer introductory courses, and there
are textbooks.  But, once the initial skills are achieved there are fewer
resources for people to advance onto the next rung on the ladder and become
contributors of major value to their employers and clients.

The annual APL conference is a great concentrator of APL skills; indeed it's
the one event of the year where nearly all the major players of APL will
meet under one roof. At APL95 we want to use them to their best advantage
for practical, up-to-date and relevant training--in the form of tutorials
and workshops.

One way that you can help us with this is to offer to lead a tutorial or
workshop session on the topic of your choice. Some of the things that we
have in mind are:

  - Event-driven applications programming
  - Object-oriented programming
  - Large APL applications (high code volume or high data volume)

You will certainly be able to think of others.

Another way you can help us is by telling us the tutorial and workshop
topics which would make APL95 irresistible to you as a delegate.  If enough
people say they would attend a session on a particular subject, we'll do
everything we can to get the best possible presenters.  Please let us have
your tutorial and workshop proposals by January 1, 1995.

REVIEWED PAPERS:  Reviewed papers have long been the backbone of the
conference, and we intend this to continue. We invite original technical
papers on all aspects of APL.  These papers will be subject to double-blind
peer review, and those which are selected for presentation will be printed
in the APL95 Conference Proceedings, which will be an issue of APL Quote
Quad--distributed to the conference delegates, SIGAPL members and libraries

In order for us to begin to structure the technical program we would like
prospective authors to send title(s) and/or abstract(s) to us as quickly as
possible (preferably before November 1, 1994).

Draft papers for review must be received no later than December 1, 1994; you
may send a draft paper even though you have not sent a title or abstract
earlier than this. Draft papers should not exceed 6,000 words.

INFORMAL POSTERS:  Poster sessions are becoming increasingly important
at SIGAPL's conferences; we will continue to build this aspect of the
program at APL95.

Posters are a great way to present your ideas informally and receive
feedback from an interested audience.  In order to maximize the impact of
posters we would like you to submit your proposals in advance of the
conference--although you may just turn up at the conference with a poster if
you prefer.

The only restrictions on the format of a poster are that it fit onto a
metre-square wall area, must be original work, and that it must be a
technical presentation (advertisers are expected to book space in APL95's
exhibit area).  Posters are not subject to peer review.  We invite poster
presenters to prepare a one-page summary of the ideas in their poster which
may be distributed during their poster session; in addition, we may be able
to find room for poster summaries in future editions of Quote Quad.

We are happy to receive advance poster submissions until May 1, 1995.

PANEL DISCUSSIONS:  What are the hot topics for APL in 1995?  How does APL
fit in with the ever-changing outside world?  Panels have always been the
format we choose to explore these topics, and we see panels as an important
part of being at APL95 rather than reading about it later.  Some of the
things we already know we want to explore in panel sessions are:

  - The reunification of APL

  - Which paradigms of the outside world are passing fads,
    and which should we absorb into APL?

No doubt you can think of more. We want to hear from you -- because a
well-prepared panel has far more value than one which is produced late in
the day.  We'd like your panel proposals by January 1, 1995.

SOFTWARE EXCHANGE:  SIGAPL invites you to send new and useful APL/J software
to the APL95 Software Exchange.  New GUI software is especially welcome.
Software from prior APL conferences is also welcome if it's been
significantly improved.

APL95 conference software will be available in three ways:

-  The Conference Package: software received by April 5, 1995
   will be available for purchase at APL95 in San Antonio.

-  The APL95 Supplement: software received between April 5 and
   June 8, 1995 will be mailed at no charge to all who purchase
   the Conference Package at APL95.

-  The Conference Package, plus the APL95 Supplement above, will
   be available by about October 1995 from SIGAPL, the BBS\APL,
   and the Waterloo archive.

Send software for the APL95 Software Exchange on a 3.5" disk to:

     {*filter*} Holt, 3802 N. Richmond St., Arlington VA 22207, USA

Software in APL, J, and related languages is invited.  English is preferred,
but other languages are also welcome.  Your material should include an ASCII
file that briefly describes what the software does, and what other
software/hardware is needed to use it.  Please include permission to
distribute any copyright software.

OTHER:  What have we forgotten?  APL95 is wide open to all of your ideas --
whether you are a SIGAPL member or not (and if you're not we'll be very
happy to tell you how you can become one).  If there's a topic that you'd
like to be a part of APL95 that you haven't seen above--let us know, and
we'll do all we can to fit it in.

If there's a way you want to present your ideas that doesn't fit into these
categories -- let us know that as well.

Above all, APL95 is going to be YOUR conference.  The Organizing Committee
and the Program Committee are here to turn your ideas into reality--we look
forward to your responses!

CONTACT INFORMATION:  Two Internet distribution lists have been set up for

subscribers.  To subscribe, just send a one-line message to

for initiating conversations with APL95 Committee members.  Someone will
reply to your message as soon as possible.

SITE INFORMATION:  San Antonio boasts a variety of attractions, from
international shopping and dining along the tree-shaded Riverwalk to
the historic Alamo, where a band of 189 Texan volunteers defied an
army of thousands in 1836.

The flavor of old Texas is everywhere. Stroll through the narrow streets and
shaded patios of La Villita, a restored Mexican village. Shop for
handicrafts and farm-fresh produce at the colorful stalls of El Mercado.
Relive the Old West at the Cowboy Museum.  Enjoy exhibits of contemporary
Mexican artists at the Mexican Cultural Institute. Even the giant new
amu{*filter*}t park Fiesta Texas has a distinctive Texas flavor.  Ride the Dining
Train, tour art museums, or spend the day at Hemisfair Park, site of the
1968 World's Fair.  Go back in time to the missions of San Antonio.  Buy a
cowboy hat and bring sun-screen; the weather will be hot and dry. ...YEE HA!

Check all that apply:

__ I would like to present a paper with the following title:

__ I would like to attend paper presentations on the following
    topic(s): _______________________________________________________

__ I would like to present a tutorial on the following topic:

__ I would like to attend a tutorial on the following topic(s):

__ I would like to present a workshop on the following topic:

__ I would like to attend a workshop on the following topic(s):

__ I would like to present a poster on the following topic:

__ I would like to attend poster sessions on the following topic(s):

__ I would like to lead/take part in a panel session on the
    following topic: ________________________________________________

__ I would like to attend panel session(s) on the following topic(s):

__ I have the following software which I would like to make part of
    the Software Exchange: __________________________________________

__ I would like to obtain software from the Software Exchange which
    does the following: _____________________________________________

__ My company would like to know more about advertising at APL95:

__ My company would like to know more about exhibiting at APL95:

   Name: __________________________________  Phone: _________________

   Company: _________________________________________________________

   Address: _________________________________________________________



   ________________________________________  Postal Code: ___________

   E-mail ID: _____________________________  Country: _______________

Please mail this form to:  APL95, P. O. Box 210367, Bedford, TX 76095 USA


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