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 APL language FAQ

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APL Frequently Asked Questions  (well some, anyway)
Maintained by S.W. Sirlin
Thanks to the many people who have contributed to this list.

The questions I'm answering here are:

1.  Where can I find APL for machine X?
2.  How do I use APL on an XX terminal connected to machine YY? What
    about APL keyboards/stickers?
3.  Can I compile APL?
4.  What tools exist for APL?
5.  Can I get an APL font for X?
6.  What information exists online about APL?
7.  How do I get book Y?
8.  What good APL books exist?
9.  What user groups exist?
10. What's the latest  APL conference?
11. How do I pass APL functions from one APL to another?
12. How do I write APL using only ASCII?
13. Where can I find APL employment information?

New in this version:
     minor updates

(1)      APL sources

APL\11 Freely available interpreter for UNIX (C), thanks to Michael
       Cain. Currently has some bugs.

APL2000 (formerly Manugistics/STSC):
      APL+PC, APL+DOS, APL+UNIX, APL+Win (for Windows 3.1, NT, 95),
      APL+Link, APL+Link Pro,
      APLSE for DOS (freeware, no printed documentation or support),
      APL+ Consulting Services
        APL2000 Inc.
        6610 Rockledge Drive, Suite 502,
        Bethesda Maryland USA 20817
        Main Phone: (301) 564-5020
        Sales Phone: 609-734-9692     Sales Fax: 609-734-9644
        Support Phone: 301-564-5027  Support Fax: 301-564-5021
        Consulting Services Phone: 609-734-9621


APL.68000 (Atari ST, Commodore Amiga, IBM RS/6000, Mac level I/II,
           add in board for IBM pc's, PowerMac):
     In North America:
        Spencer Organization
        24 Wampum Road
        Park ridge, NJ  USA  07656
        Phone: +1-201-307-9099, Fax: +1-201-307-9404
     For the rest of the world:
        MicroAPL Limited
        South Bank Technopark
        90 London Road,
        London  UK    SE1 6LN
        Phone: +44-171-922-8866    Fax: +44-171-928-1006

APL92 (Mac, system 7.1), older APL90:
        Jean-Jacques Girardot
        School Mines
        St-Etienne, France

APROL (Scheme/J mix):
        For further information

CAPL (IBM PC) shareware interpreter
        Thomas Glen Smith
        3154 W. Shady Lane
        Neenah, WI


D4   (IBM PC, Windows) Unix like shell for windows
        The shell is writen in D4, a dialect of APL
        Anonymous ftp ftp://ftp.webstrand.org/d4/

        Digital Equipment Corp.
        Maynard, MASS, USA

Dyalog APL Version 8.0 (Unix, APL/W for Windows):
           Dyadic Systems Ltd.
           Riverside View, Basing Road, Old Basing, Basingstoke
           Hampshire RG24 7AL, UK
           Tel: 011-44-(1256) 811125  Fax: (1256) 811130

           CompuServe: 100136,1473
        US Distributor:
           Beautiful Systems Inc.
           308 Old York Road, Suite 5
           Jenkintown, PA 19046 USA
           Tel: (215) 886-2636        Fax: (215) 886-4888
           Compuserve: 73567,1016
        German Distributor
           APL Software Team GmbH
           P.O.Box 1307
           61243 Usingen
           Phone 49 6081 68380        Fax 49 6081 68580

I-APL (IBM PC, Mac, some other PCs) (free*):
        In the US (may require lots of patience):
           Edward M. Cherlin
           Co-Chairman, I-APL Limited
           6611 Linville Drive
           Weed, California, USA  96094-9763
           Phone: (916) 938-4684, Fax: 916/938-3229

        In the UK:
           Anthony Camacho
           Co-Chairman, I-APL Limited
           11 Auburn Road
           Bristol BS6 6LS    UK

IBM APL2 for PC DOS, OS/2, RISC System/6000, Sun Solaris,
        and IBM mainframes, plus TryAPL2 for PC DOS (free*)
          APL Products
          IBM Santa Teresa, Dept. M46/D12
          555 Bailey Avenue
          San Jose, California 95141, USA
          Phone: 408-463-APL2 (408-463-2752), FAX: 408-463-4488

          CompuServe: go IBMAPL2
          IBMMAIL: USIB6JN8
          ftp://ftp.software.ibm.com (ps.boulder.ibm.com)
          (look in ps/products/apl2)
        From 1-800-IBM-CALL or 1-800-3-IBM-OS2
          APL2 for PC DOS:
            In North America, 5799-PGG, PRPQ RJ0411, Part No. 6242936
            In Europe, Program Product 5604-260, Part No. 38F1753
          APL2 for OS/2, Entry Edition, is part number 89G1556
          APL2 for OS/2, Advanced Edition, is part number 89G1697
          AIX APL2/6000 is Program Number 5765-012
          APL2 for Sun Solaris is Program Number 5648-065
          APL2 for CMS/TSO is Program Number 5688-228
          APL2 Application Environment for CMS/TSO is Program Number

IBM APL2 for the P/370 (Mainframe VM/ESA on a PS/2)
          Interprocess Systems, Inc.
          11660 Alpharetta Hwy., Suite 455
          Roswell, GA  30076  USA
          404-410-1700, FAX: 404-410-1773

J (for DOS, Linux, Windows, Mac, RS/6000, Sun) & APLIWIN (for Windows),
      Produced by:
        Iverson Software Inc.
        33 Major Street
        Toronto, Ontario, Canada  M5S 2K9
        Voice: 416-925-6096  Fax: 416-488-7559
      Distributed by:
        Strand Software
        19235 Covington Court
        Shorewood, Minnesota 55331, USA
        Tel: 612-470-7345   Fax: 612-470-9202
        Web:   http://www.*-*-*.com/

MacAPL: Macs (?) version 2.11  (I don't know much about this yet)
      Michael C. O'Connor
      Leptonic Systems Co.
      405 Tarrytown Rd., White Plains, NY 10607
      (914) 682-0377
      version 1.13
      (no longer: ftp://ftp.ens.fr/pub/mac/hqx/ )

Manugistics (formerly STSC): APL*PLUS II/VMS, Statgraphics
        2115 East Jefferson St.
        Rockville, Maryland, USA  20852
        Phone: 800-592-0050, 301-984-5000, 301-984-5412, 301-984-5123
        Fax: 301-984-5094

        BBS: 301-984-5222

SHARP APL (MVS, AIX, SunOS, Solaris); also Viewpoint, LOGOS, Mailbox:
        Soliton Associates Limited (Formerly I. P. Sharp Associates)
        44 Victoria St, Suite 2100
        Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5C 1Y2
        Phone: (416) 364-9355  Fax: (416) 364-6159

        Soliton Associates, Inc.
        1100 University Ave., Suite 111
        Rochester, NY 14607
        Phone: (716) 256-6466  Fax: (716) 256-6469

        Soliton Associates Limited
        Groot Blankenberg 53
        1082 AC Amsterdam
        The Netherlands
        Tel: +31 20 646 4475,  Fax: +31 20 644 1206


        NIAL Systems Limited
        366 King Street East
        Suite 540
        Kingston, Ontario
        K7K 6Y3

(2) Terminal Emulation

Chameleon TN3270 for Windows, networks, IBM 3179G and 3192G emulation,
SAA, APA graphics.
     10725 De Anza Blvd., Cupertino, CA 95014, U.S.A.
     Phone: 408/973-7171
     Fax: 408/257-6405

EXTRA! Extended for DOS or EXTRA! for Windows.
     Includes APL2 character set in both.  DOS product works
     under Windows.
     Attachmate Corporation
     13231 S.E. 36th Street
     Bellevue, Washington 98006 USA
     tel. (800) 426-6283
          (206) 644-4010 in Washington State

IBM Terminal Emulators with APL Support:
     AIX:  AIX X-Windows 3270 Emulator/6000  (X3270)
           Program Number 5765-011
     DOS/Windows:  PC/3270 Version 3, Version 4 9/30
     OS2 Extended Services Communications Manager:
           Includes the CMAPL Application Aid.  Requires APAR fixes
           after the Graphics Engine CSD is installed.
     OS2 Communications Manager/2  (CM/2):
           APL Support is available in Version 1.11

IRMA (PC) ??
     Digital Communications Associates, Inc.
     1000 Alderman Drive
     Alpharetta, Georgia 30201-4199 USA
     tel. (770) 442-4000

RUMBA (for 3270, APL and graphics)
     Wall Data
     17769 NE 78th Place
     Redmond WA 98052-4992

TN3270 (Macintosh) Not public domain, but may be freely distributed.
     Works with TCP/IP
     Anonymous FTP from BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU (
        Distribution files are in the highest level directory.  Begin by
        retrieving the file $README.FIRST which describes the other files.
     Anonymous FTP from FTP.NCSA.UIUC.EDU (
        Distribution files are contained in the directory
        NCSA_Telnet/tn3270.  Same files as above above for

        for a complete list of available files.
     Mail order from Brown for $20 (check payable to Brown University):
        TN3270 Distribution
        Brown University Computer Store
        P.O. Box 1885
        Providence, Rhode Island 02912 USA
     Info -- the NCSA Telnet Digest subscription:

YTERM For PC, supports IBM, VAX, TCP/IP with APL/APL2 chars.
     Yale University Computing & Information Systems
     Software Distribution
     175 Whitney Avenue
     New Haven CT 06520
     Tel: (203) 432-6600   Fax: (203)-432-6165

Z-Stem, a series of VT (e.g. VT240) emulators, for MSDOS PC/VAX-11
     KEA Systems
     3738 North Fraser Way, Unit 101
     Burnaby, British Columbia
     Canada, V5J 5G1
     (604) 431-0727

(2.1) APL Keyboards/Keycaps:

APL keyboard:
   IBM/Lexmark keyboard, part no. 60G3571 or KB-571,
   (Professional 101-key keyboard about $90)
   APL2 Keycaps, US and UK base set ...(about $46)... SX80-0270
   APL2 Keycaps, German Upgrade to SX80-0270 ........ SX80-0452
   APL2 Keycaps, French Upgrade to SX80-0270 ........ SX80-0453
   APL2 Keycaps, Italian Upgrade to SX80-0270 ....... SX80-0454
   APL2 Keyboard Decals ..(about $13 for set of two). SC33-0604
   Keycaps and decals are "publications" - order at 800-879-2755

Keyboard stickers, custom replacement key caps:
   Hooleon Corp.
   P.O. Box 230
   Cornville, AZ  86325
   Tel: (602) 634-7515
   Fax: (602) 634-4620

Keyboard stickers: APL2000 Inc. (see above address)

(3) Compilers

APL to C conversion and compiler
- I've heard this is out of business
  these days.
     6. rue Paul Bert
     92800 Puteaux - France
     (1) +  Telex: 612 651 F

Manugistics compiler for IBM 370 APL*PLUS, documented in APL '85
     see Manugistics listing above, or


Tim Budd's APLc:
     anonymous login to ftp.cs.orst.edu, cd users/b/budd, or
      http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~budd and look under books.
     (latest C++ version unavailable?)

My current modification (3.15) of Budd's older aplc:
     anonymous ftp to: csi.jpl.nasa.gov (

(4) Other tools for APL

IEDIT (APL2 editor), AFM file system, APL2 tools.
     Interprocess Systems, Inc.
     11660 Alpharetta Hwy, Suite 455
     Roswell GA 30076 USA
     404-410-1700, Fax: 404-410-1773

Insight Systems - SQAPL, an interface to SQL databases via ODBC or
SequeLink, a spreadsheet manager, and a number of other APL tools
available for many APL systems.
     Insight Systems ApS
     Nordre Strandvej 119A
     DK-3150 Hellebaek
     Phone:   +45 42 10 70 22
     FAX:     +45 42 10 75 74

SQL Auxiliary Processor for Dyalog APL for Windows (DDE)
     Lingo Allegro USA, Inc.
     6749 S.Westnedge Ave, Suite K-268
     Phone:    +1 312 203 4926
     Fax:      +1 708 459 8501

Computer Aided Instruction, for PC or mainframe IBM.  Also a newsletter.
     Zark Incorporated
     23 Ketchbrook Lane
     Ellington CT 06029 USA

(5) APL fonts

Besides commercial products that come with the interpreters, there are:

1. Fonts for TeX, laTeX, the X windows system, postscript, and
   truetype (windows) are available.  See

2. Truetype fonts for windows are available from ISI.

3. Truetype fonts Dyalog APL and Vector APL are available gratis, if
   you send a blank, formatted disk:
     Adrian Smith
     Brook House, Gilling East, YORK
     England -- U.K.
   (See his article in the April 1993 issue of VECTOR journal)

4. STSC, now Manugistics, used to distribute a rom chip with the APL
   characters for use in old monochrome adapters (now almost
   extinct). There's also code called SIMCGA.COM, that makes an old
   Hercules act like a cga (itself pretty old).

(6) Online information, free* APLs & WS

     Sysop{*filter*} Holt
     HRH Systems
     3802 N. Richmond St.
     Arlington VA 22207

     (703) 528-7617,  1200-14400b (N-8-1), 24 hrs.

     Free email and many free files.  $US24/year subscription
     for full service.  Comp.lang.apl echo.  Files for APL*PLUS,
     IBM APL2/TryAPL2, ISI, Sharp, Dyalog, and I-APL.  On-screen
     APL lessons, cryptography, APL in French, APL Conference
     Software, J, and much more.  Send $US2 for 100k on-disk
     catalog of all BBS\APL files.

2. Anonymous ftp servers:

     ftp://rtfm.mit.edu The official archive site for this faq and
        many others.

     archive.uwaterloo.ca or watserv1.uwaterloo.ca (
        L.J.{*filter*}ey's collection. Current J distribution for many
        machines (and J source, including LinkJ), APL\11, APLSE, CAPL,
        IAPL, RatAPL, TryAPL, APL fonts, TeX macros and fonts, the
        toronto toolkit, some other WS, archives of comp.lang.apl, the
        APL standard, an Introduction to J, and this FAQ. These are in
        directories starting from directory languages/apl

     ftp://atmos.dar.csiro.au, in netcdf/hld
        Harvey Davies' stat.js for J7.

     ftp://cshl.org, in pub/bill/apl (?)
        APL\11 modified for W. Chang's APL! keywords, fep, some
        comp.lang.apl discussions.

     ftp://csi.jpl.nasa.gov/pub/apl (
        The site for this FAQ, my version of the apl compiler (3.7),
        some scripts for J,{*filter*}J language summary, J faq, APL92, my
        version of apl\11, modified for my keywords. See

     ftp://exaia.wu-wien.ac.at (
        some J sources, particularly for HP

     ftp://ftp.cs.ualberta.ca, pub/smillie/
        some reports by K. Smillie,
        "Some notes on introducing J with statistical examples"
        "What is J?"

     ftp://ftp.debian.org Jv7 for Linux in

        Some apl/J stuff, copy of the draft standard. In

     ftp://service.software.ibm/ps/products/apl2/demos contains a free
        (time limited) demo of APL2 for OS2

     ftp://ftp.software.ibm.com, IBM APL2 site. Look in

        The site of Committee Draft 1 of the APL ANSI/ISO standard
        (1/93) in:
           pub/plan/apl/cover.ps  (a cover letter)
           pub/plan/apl/aplcd1.ps (the main document)

     ftp://nova.cc.purdue.edu, cs.orst.edu
        some NEXT/J material: j.pkg.tar, Visage.pkg.tar

     ftp://ps.boulder.ibm.com, IBM APL2 site. Look in /ps/products/apl2

     ftp://wuvieai.wu-wien.ac.at (
        This mirror of the APL Archives on watserv1 may be more
        convenient for users in Europe.  Start in the directory

3. Web (WWW) html servers:

        ACM SIGAPL - information about the ACM, SIGAPL, related
        organizations, conferences, Internet resources, and the APL
        White Pages. Maintained by Kirk Iverson.

        APL96 photos by Bob Armstrong

        APL2000 Inc. Home Page

        APL Methods Home Page (under construction 3/9/95):

        APL Software Team GmbH - German distributor of Dyadic APL

        Stephen J. Halasz's APL Page.

        IBM APL2 Home Page

        web site for J FAQ

        J Home Page

        Mike Kent' home page (lots of good APL/J links)

        Web site for Les Nouvelles d'APL
        http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~scherer/langlet

        Oxford University version of this FAQ


        Soliton's web page

        Toronto SIG - various information, back issues of the
        newsletter Gimme Arrays!

        Uniware (APL+Win and Dyalog APL/W, for now)
        http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;       (english)
        http://www.*-*-*.com/             (french)

        Web site for Vector (maintained by Ray Cannon)

        Jim Weigang's Home Page - Newsreader etc.
        http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~jimw

4. Mail servers

     archives of comp.lang.apl

5. Mail servers/lists

     Access to the APL-L on bitnet from the internet can be done via

        Subject: SUBSCRIBE APL-L

                      for Dyalog users

                      UCD APL Interest Group "virtually extinct"

                      APL Language Discussion (mirror of comp.lang.apl)

                      APL in Education

6. Inquiries about the proposed ISO standard should be addressed to
   the mailing-list at

7. SIGAPL Software Library
New Name, New Addresses:
SIGAPL has made major changes in its software distribution system.
The SIGAPL Software Library replaces what was formerly known as
the "Software Exchange."  SIGAPL wants to make array processing
software much more widely available and easy to get.  We want it
to be decoupled from annual APL conferences, available year-round,
unbundled by interpreter, and electronically free.  Thanks to Lee
{*filter*}ey at the University of Waterloo, this software is now
available at:

  - ftp://archive.uwaterloo.ca/languages/apl/software-library

  - ftp://wuvieai.wu-wei.ac/pub/lang/apl (Vienna mirror of Waterloo)

It's also available at:

  - BBS\APL: (see above, FileArea APL96)

APL96 Conference Software Highlights:
-  MERLIN   : Two new AWS mind bogglers (Langlet, FR)
-  GRAN     : AWS []G Graphics (Buzin, RU)
-  NFILES   : W3 Long file names, National Characters (Glantz, SE)
-  APL2OS2T : APL2/2 Tutorial for OS/2 (Jizba, US)
-  APLSE    : Free APL*PLUS v10 Interpreter (Manugistics/APL2000)
-  LRNAPLSE : APLSE Tutorial & Documentation (Holt, US)
-  UNLOCK-D : Unlock locked fns in any small AWS (Holt, US)
-  SL-Guide : How to add to the SIGAPL Software Library

SIGAPL Software Guidelines:
The SIGAPL Software Library (SL) is the premier venue for APL,
J, and other array-oriented authors to display their programming
ideas and skills, and for vendors to showcase their demos and
products.  APL and J software authors and vendors are invited
to send their material on a 3.5" DOS disk to:

  Lee{*filter*}ey, Mathematics Department
  University of Waterloo
  Waterloo  Ontario
  Canada    2NL 3G1

Tell him that it's for the Software Library.  You may send your
software at *any* time of the year.  FTP upload is not currently
available, but is expected to be operational by 1997.

SIGAPL's updated Software Library guidelines are:

- Include an ASCII file (call it WSNAME.TXT) to describe what
  the software does, and what hardware and software is needed to
  use it.  English is preferred, and other languages are welcome.

- Think electronically.  Your software needs to be packaged as a
  stand-alone product for electronic distribution.  Good documen-
  tation adds real value to your software.

- Put all of your material in one single .ZIP file for easy FTPing.

- Include any needed copyright permissions.  Copyrighted software
  can't be distributed without permission.

- If possible, provide APL software in both its original form and
  as an APLACSCII file.  APLASCII software (v1.4) is available for
  all major APLs at the electronic sources listed above.

- Check your software for viruses.  Archive.waterloo.ca will also
  check your software for viruses.

- Authors should pay special attention to the quality, usefulness,
  and documentation of their work, and should include their name
  and address (including email).

- Significant improvements and major updates of prior SL software
  are welcome.

Things Take Time
The transition to an all-electronic system will not happen instan-
taneously.  For the next year or so:

- Mail-order service is available for those without good telecommun-
  ications.  For a post-paid disk copy of the APL96 edition of the
  Software Library, send $US6 (or $US6 equivalent in a bank check in
  any hard currency) to{*filter*} Holt, 3802 N. Richmond St.  Arlington
  VA 22207 USA.

- The SIGAPL Software Library will continue to be available on-disk,
  on a limited basis, at future APL annual conferences.

- Logistic problems will surely occur.

Send comments, feedback, and suggestions about these changes to{*filter*}

(7) Sources of Publications/Books

     APL Quote Quad
     Association for Computing Machinery
     (address below)

     1120 Ave du Parc
     Quebec PQ
     CANADA G1S2W7

     Renaissance Data Systems
     current catalog available for SASE ($.32)
     P.O.Box 421, Georgetown, CT 06829

     or call Ed Shaw  at the APL Group, Inc. at (203)762-3933
    (Please do not ask for RDS)
     PO Box 20023
     Park West Finance Station
     NY, NY  USA  10025-1510
     (212) 864-3078

     (SIGAPL book sale)
     APL Book Sale
     Robert G. Brown
     C/O Lingo Allegro USA Inc.
     6749 South Westnedge Avenue
     Suite K-268
     Portage, Michigan
     USA 49002

(8) References - books mentioned on the net or that someone has
                 recomended, not all of which are available
                 see also:

  1. Brown et. al. "APL2 at a Glance," Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-13-038670-7.

  2. T. Budd, "An APL Compiler," Springer-Verlag.

  3. Maurice Dalois, "Introduction to APL*PLUS PC,"
     available from EducAPL, US$30, US$10 for overseas shipping.

  4. J. Ever and C. Fair, "Guidelines for APL Systems,"
     DPD 22 IBM 037301, March 1976.

  5. Gilman and Rose, "APL - An Interactive Approach,"  Wiley,
     ISBN 220-471-30022-5.

  6. Ulf Grenander, "Mathematical Experiments on the Computer,"
     Academic Press, 1982, ISBN 0-12-301750-5.

  7. Kent Haralson, Useful APL Defined Functions, IBM Technical
     Report, TR 00.2409, Feb. 8 1973.

  8. Timothy Holls, "APL Programming Guide," IBM G320-6103, 1978, and
     G320-6735, 1981, (out of print?).

  9. IBM, "APL2 Programming: Language Reference"
     (Version 2, SH21-1061; Version 1, SH20-9227 (DOS only)).

 10. IBM, "The APL Handbook of Techniques", IBM publication number
     S320-5996, April 1978.  Includes routines for multi-precision
     integer and float operations.

 11. K. E. Iverson, A Programming Language, Wiley, 1962.

 12. K. Iverson, "A personal view of APL," IBM Systems Journal,
     Vol. 30, No. 4, 1991.

 13. K. Iverson, Concrete Mathematics Companion

 14. S. Kamin,  "Programming Languages: An Interpreter-Based
     Approach," contains (among other things) toy implementations of
     Lisp, APL, Scheme, SASL, CLU, Smalltalk, and Prolog,
     Addison-Wesley, 1990, ISBN 0-201-06824-9.

 15. Bernard LEGRAND, "Les APL Etendus," Masson, Paris, 1994. An
     introduction to modern APL (French).

 16. Jon McGrew, "An Introduction to APL2," IBM (SH20-9229).

 17. Peelle, APL an Introduction, Holt, Rinehart & Winston,
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 22. Jerry R. Turner, "APL IS EASY!," Manugistics, 1993.

 23. "SHARP APL Reference Manual," 2nd ed., Soliton Associates Limited
     PC Version: Iverson Software, 1993, ISBN 1-895721-07-5.

 24. Jim Weigang, "APL Notes,"
     Available from J. Weigang (includes APL*PLUS interpreter)
     68 Plateau Circle
     West Springfield, MA,  01089,   USA
     price: US$29 postpaid in US & Canada, US$38 overseas.

 25. "A Source Book in APL," APL Press, 1981, ISBN 0-917326-10-5.

 26. "J Phrases," Iverson Software, 1996, ISBN 1-895721-12-1

 27. "Exploring Math", Iverson Software, 1996, ISBN 1-895721-13-X

 28. "J Primer," Iverson Software, 1996, ISBN 1-895721-14-8

(9) User groups - Note that information on officers may be somewhat
    out of date.

     Association for Computing Machinery / Special Interest Group on
     APL, international membership.
     Quarterly journal Quote Quad.  Chapter groups around the country.
        Association for Computing Machinery
        1515 Broadway
        New York, NY 10036
        Tel: (212) 626-0500

     APL Bay Area Users Group, Northern California ACM SIGAPL
     Meets monthly, regular newsletter, $20/yr.
        Chairman:  Chuck Kennedy

        Secretary/Treasurer: Curtis Jones
              228 South 15th Street
              San Jose, CA 95112-2150

        Newsletter editor:  Chuck Kennedy

  3. Belgian APL CAM Users Society (BACUS)
     APL CAM Journal (4 issues / year in French, Dutch, English) and
     other publications. fee: 500 Belgian F
        c/o Joseph De Kerf
        Rooienberg 72
        B2570 Duffel BELGIUM
        tel.: 32-15-31 47 24

  4. BAA British APL Association, a specialist group of the British
     Computer Society, international membership.  Quarterly journal
     VECTOR maintains a comprehensive vendor and product list.  NOTE:
     send official correspondence to the Secretary, newsletter
     correspondence to the journal editor.
     Chairman: Dr Alan Mayer,
        European Business Managment School,
        Swansea University,
        Singleton Park
        Swansea  SA2 8PP
        Tel: 44 1792 205678 x 4274

     Treasurer: Nicholas Small
        8 Cardigan Road
        London E3 5HU,  UK
        Tel: +44 181 980 7870
     Journal editor (Vector):
        Duncan Pearson
        Keeper's Cottage
        Firby, York YO6 7LH, UK

     Secetary : Sylvia Camacho
        (Address as for Anthony Camacho)

  5. Chicago APL SIG
     Larry Mysz
        Chicago APL SIG
        836 Highland Drive
        Chicago Heights  IL  60411, USA

  6. Connecticut APL group
     Bob Pomeroy
        Mass Mutual Life
        1295 State Street
        Mail Drop F465
        Springfield  MA  01111 USA
        Tel: +1 413 788 8411 x2838

  7. Denmark:  APL Special Interest Group of the Danish Data
     Association (DDA) (?)
        Per Gjerlof

  8. Dutch APL User Group ( APL Werkgroep Nederland )
        president: Theo Zwart
        Lekstraat, 4
        NL3433 ZB Niewegein
        Tel: +31 3402 66336
        Fax: +31 3402 65844
        secr. B. Smoor
        Dorpstraat 50
        4128BZ Lexmond
        The Netherlands
        Also contact Eke Van Batenburg

  9. Association Francophone pour la promotion du langage APL Les
     Nouvelles d'APL (journal 4/year) and other publications in
     French. fee: 350 franch francs in France, 450 FF abroad, 2800 FF
     for firms.
        174, bd de Charonne - 75020 PARIS - FRANCE
        Tel. & Fax : (33)-1-43-56-31-79)
     President: Sylvain Baron,
     General Secretary: Ludmila Lemagnen,

 10. APL-Club Germany
        c/o Dieter Lattermann
        Rheinstrasse 23
        D-69190 Walldorf, GERMANY
        Tel:  +49 6227 2003

 11. Japan APL Association  (JAPLA)
        Japanese APL/J interest group.
        Monthly meetings at every 3rd Saturday and hold study APL /J.
        Currently published JAPLA's journal 2 times / year.
        We welcome to our associate member who has an interest in APL/J.
        JAPLA's Office
          c/o PRIDE
          Masujima Bldg.
          1-8-13, Higasi Gotanda,
          Shinagawa ku,
          Tokyo , 141  JAPAN
          Tel: 81-3-3280-0411
          Fax: 81-3-3280-0418
Chairman: Dr. Tosio Nishikawa
          Laboratory National Chemical for Industry
          Higashi 1-1, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305, Japan
International Interface:
          Masafusa Yasuda
          2-4-10, Nogata,
          Nakano ku,
          Tokyo, 165   JAPAN
          Tel/Fax: 81-3-3319-1956

 12. APL Club Oesterreich
        Obere Donaustrasse 95
        A-1020 Wein,  AUSTRIA

 13. Rome/Italy ACM SIGAPL
        Casella Postale 14343
        00100 - Roma Trullo, ITALY
        Chair:Mario Sacco

        Additional contact: David Lanari
        Universita di Perugia
        Piaza dell'Universita 2
        Via G. Verga 30
        I06100 Perugia, ITALY

 14. Melbourne APL Users Group
        Harvey Davies
        CSIRO Div Atm Res
        Private Bag No. 1
        Mordialloc, Victoria 3195, Australia

        Moshe Sniedovich

 15. NY/SIGAPL [revised 5/15/97]
     The New York City local chapter of ACM SIGAPL
     Monthly meetings (ex July/August), newsletter "Big Apple APL",
     "APL as a Tool of Thought" miniconferences, approx. annual.
     Dues $35, $25 for ACM or ACM SIGAPL members, $10 for students.
        PO Box 2697
        New York, NY   10163-2697    USA
        Chairman: Phil Benkard
        Tel: +1 914-277-8344

        Newsletter editor: Jim Boyd
        Tel: +1 914-941-9239

        Membership chairman: Lynne C. Shaw
        Tel: +1 212-662-2406

 16. The Potomac ACM SIGAPL Chapter has been inactive since August 1996.
     For information about Potomac SIGAPL, send email to{*filter*} Holt

 17. South East APL Users' Group (SEAPL)
     Doc Manges
     SEAPL Newsletter Editor

     Tel:  770-972-3755
        413 Comanche Trail
        Lawrenceville GA 30244
     Other contacts:
     Gordon and Stella Chamberlain
        Interprocess Systems, Inc.
        11660 Alpharetta Hwy, Suite 455
        Roswell  GA  30076, USA
        Tel: +1 404 410 1700,
        Fax: +1 404 410 1773

 18. SOCAL-SIGAPL Southern California APL user's group.  Meets
     monthly, usually fourth Tuesday at Los Angeles City College.
     Regular newsletter, $15/year.
     Secretary-Treasurer: George D. Smith
                          1001 Thistlegate Road
                          Oak Park, CA 91301

                          phone: (818) 706-8203
     Editor:              Arthur J. Stasney

 19. SovAPL
     Alexander O. Skomorokhov
       P.O. Box 5061
       Obninsk - 5
       Kaluga Region

     Dr Alexander Skomorokhov
       Obninsk Institut of Nuclear Power/IATE
       Studgorod 1
       Kaluga Region 249020
       Tel: +7 084439 31463
       Fax: +7 095 2552225

 20. Suomen APL-yhdistys ry (Finn APL Association) about 4 informal
     newsletters/year, mainly in Finnish, one English issue/year.
     Membership fees,per year   100 Fmk (about 20 $)
     Address:  Box 1005, 00101 Helsinki, Finland
     Chair:    Eero Korpelainen (1992)
               University of Joensuu,
               Department of Statistics, Box 111,
               80101 Joensuu, Finland
               Telefax:  358-73-1513290

 21. SWAPL -- SouthWest APL Users' Group
     Membership fees, per year USA ----- $12
     Non-USA postal supplement ---------  $6
        c/o Stuart Yarus (newsletter editor)
        P.O. Box 210367
        Bedford, TX 76095  U.S.A.
        (817) 656 5896; (817) 577 0165
        Compuserve:   73700,2545

 22. SwedAPL
     Chairman is Christer Ulfhielm.
        c/o Novator Consulting Group AB
        Svardvagen 11C
        S-182 33 Danderyd
        Tel: +46 8 6226350
        Fax: +46 8 6226351

 23. Swiss APL User(s) Group
        Hans Steffen
        Swiss APL User Group
        c/o Federal Statistical Office
        CH3003 Berne
        Fax: +41 31 382 27 95
        See also:
        Dr. Hanspeter Bieri
        Institut fur Informatik
        Universitat Berne
        Langgasstrasse 51
        CH3012 Bern
        Tel: +41 31 65 86 81
        Fax: +41 31 65 39 65

 24. Sydney APL Users Group
     Newsletter (with contributions from Melbourne group): "Epsilon"
     Acting President and Treasurer: Nick Laletin, Jr.
     PO Box 1511
     Macquarie Centre,
     North Ryde 2113 Australia
     Tel: +61 02 427 1605
     Fax: (02) 257 6670
     Secretary: Erik Nielson
     Phone: +61 2 257 5742

 25. Toronto ACM APL SIG
      Meets the 4th monday of September through May, excluding
      December, Monthly newsletter Gimme Arrays! Attendance is free
      and membership is CAD 25 per year, CAD 5 for full time students.

      Treasurer: Eric Granz 416-784-8703
      P.O. Box 55
      Adelaide Street Post Office
      Toronto, Ontario, Canada  M5C 2H8


 26. APL White Pages
     A collection of names and e-mail adressess of those interested in
     APL. Currently 160 listings.
     To be listed, get the registration form from
     ftp://acm.org/sig_forums/sigapl/white.txt, or by selecting the
     "How to add to this list" link in the White Pages area of the

     Iverson) with subject line "APL White Pages"

(10) Conferences

APL97 - Share Knowledge/Share Success - August 17-20 - Toronto

Fellow APL and J Enthusiasts - Welcome Back to Toronto!

The Toronto APL Special Interest Group, local host of the highly
successful APL93, is pleased to again take up the challenge of hosting
this annual event for 1997. Please mark your calendar now for this
comprehensive three day forum in downtown Toronto.

Continuing the standard of excellence set by the 1996 J User
Conference and the APL96 conference, APL97 will consist of
presentations by invited industry-leading speakers, APL and J product
vendor forums, interactive tutorials, and hands-on workshops in
PC-equipped teaching labs.

The Toronto APL SIG looks forward to your support in helping us to
provide the usual high standard of APL conference that we have all
come to expect.  Please join us in the spirit of community and
cooperation that has been the hallmark of this dynamic and highly
focused global family.

The Share Knowledge Share Success theme has been chosen to celebrate
APL and J. This year's conference will focus on providing tutorials
and "hands-on" sessions in computer laboratory facilities. Experts and
fellow-users will share their knowledge to help assure your success!

Please refer to the APL97 Website:


for complete and up-to-date conference information, including
conference schedule and program, registration details, and
accomodation info.

Cost and Location

The conference will be held in downtown Toronto, at Ryerson
Polytechnic University, which features modern, well-equipped computer
lab and lecture room facilities, an adjacent student-operated hotel,
and dining facilities.

Registration price for the conference has been set at a very
reasonable $160 CDN ($115 US), with an optional evening dinner event,
a dinner cruise on Lake Ontario, for an additional $40 per
person. Registration can be by mail, fax, or through the website.

Any further questions about APL97 publicity or conference organization
may be directed to:

Richard Procter
Chair, APL97
Tel:  +1 416 651 4037
Fax:  +1 416 781 5732

  SIGAPL Software Library
  - All Conference Packages, for all years, will be available
    from SIGAPL, the BBS\APL, and the Waterloo Archives at


(11) Migration of applications

Different APL vendors store workspaces in completely different
formats. This has greatly reduced sharing of functions among users,
and made it difficult for users to migrate between vendors and even
between machines. Here there are two main options -

   1. Use the Workspace Interchange Standard (WSIS), documented in the
      ISO standard. This has been partially implemented by various
      vendors. For example Manugistics (STSC) uses an SLT workspace to
      do the reading/writing.

   2. Use the IBM )in and )out .atf files (documentation?)  Here are
      some concrete instructions, courtesy of Eke van Batenburg,

      You only port <APL>, no GUI, no file I/O, no graphics, no locked
      objects. The following recipees use (arbitrary choosen) filename
      TRANSW.ATF on floppy as intermediate. "<>" means "next line".
      1 Macintosh APL68000 export to floppy:
        []MOUNT'Untitled'  <> )OUT 0 TRANSWS
        In finder, change file name to "TRANSWS.ATF"
      2 Macintosh APL68000 import from floppy:
        In finder, change file name to "TRANSWS" (without ".ATF"
        extension!!!)  []MOUNT'Untitled' <> )IN 0 TRANSWS Problems:
        "INVALID FILE" can mean "SYMBOL TABLE FULL" (check ")SYMBOLS"
        and increase them) to 1000) or comment lines in file (remove
        all lines beginning with "*" using any editor and try again).
      3 Atari APL68000 export to floppy:
        []MOUNT 'A:' <>  )OUT 0 TRANSWS
      4 Atari APL68000 import from floppy
        []MOUNT 'A:' <>  )IN 0 TRANSWS
        Problems: same as in point 2.
      5 IBM APL2/PC export to floppy:
        )HOST A: <>  )OUT TRANSWS
      6 IBM APL2/PC import from floppy:
        )HOST A: <>  )IN TRANSWS
        Problems: none experienced upto now
      7 IBM mainframe export to floppy:
        start APL with "APL2 CASE(2)" (necessary for underscored
        conversion) )CLEAR <> )COPY workspacetobeported (NOT LOAD!!!!)
        )OUT TRANSWS <> )CLEAR <> )IN TRANSWS <> )OUT TRANSWS (yes, 2x
        seems to work, 1x sometimes gives gibberish, I don't know why)
        Download ....APLTF.TRANSWS to floppy, rename to TRANSWS.ATF
        Problems: if you download with Kermit: set TEXTMODE OFF and
        set file TYPE BINARY
      8 IBM mainframe import from floppy
        I have no experience with this, but I suppose:
        Upload TRANSWS.ATF to file ...APLTF.TRANSWS
        )IN TRANSWS
      9 APL2000 APL+DOS, APL+UNIX, APL+Win export to floppy:
     10 APL2000 APL+DOS, APL+UNIX, APL+Win import from floppy:
        Problems: Different from IBM or APL68000 or "extended standard"
        are: "A B C[2]" is B, partioned enclose, squeezed quad,
        monadic ",[1.5]", take with axis and scalar functions with axis.
     11 Dyalog APL:
        im/export functions have since several years a bug that thinks
        that your recordsize is wrong. If you manage to correct only
        this, it seems to work find.
     12 Contribution of others to TRYAPL(?), IPSharp APL, ISIAPL etc.

    3. Write the functions/data out to ASCII files using some sort of
      transliteration scheme (see 11). This has the advantage over
      (1) that the files are human-readable and editable.

All schemes suffer from the basic incompatibility between APL
vendors. This comes from extensions to standard ISO APL in several

   1. Different built in functions - the quad functions. This includes
      file IO, graphics etc. Also the (mostly obsolete) ibeam
   2. Generalized arrays - boxes versus nests. A major fight in the
      community for at least the last 10 years. Unresolved.
   3. User defined operators - not all implementations allow this.
   4. Multivalent functions - not all implementations allow this.

Each instance of the above requires someone who knows both
implementations to rewrite the code. Hence only ISO APL is easily

(12) Writing APL in ASCII

Almost all vendors have provided ways to enter APL from non-APL

however, they all used different symbol sets and different
transliterations. Hence all are incompatible. Various users, seeing
the advantage of this approach versus the WSIS have tried their

I there are several separate issues: writing an APL character, writing
APL data, writing APL functions, and writing out a whole workspace.

Approaches for character :

1. My own approach - see symbols3v1.txt on csi.
   Example: s  .is + / .ro , a

   J-ish vertion called APL!
   Example: s  <- +/ ? , a

   Example: s {<-} +/ {rho} , a

Approaches for  objects:

   scheme for this that includes data and functions. See his article
   at APL92. Code for various APLs is available at waterloo. Example:

   Code is also available for incorporation of APL into{*filter*}

2. Jim Weigang proposes the more familiar "Del editor" output
   format. Sample code for this translator is available in this

(13)      Where can I find APL employment information?

The APL Skills Database

a joint project of:

     The Toronto APL Special Interest Group
     The ACM Special Interest Group on APL

Dear APL Employer or Employee:

The Toronto APL Special Interest Group, and the Association
for Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on APL, are
pleased to provide the free worldwide employment information
service known as the APL Skills Database.

Recognizing the niche-market nature of the use of APL in data
processing, the APL Skills Database project was launched in
1994 to aid companies and employers looking for APL-skilled
personnel, and to help APL-skilled professionals seeking
employment opportunities with companies needing APL expertise.
To date, at least six participants in the project have been
successfully placed in APL-related employment positions by
using this service!

How does it work?

The APL Skills Database consists of a section on the website
of the Toronto APL SIG where employers may post employment
information, plus an Email broadcast facility. Employers
are encouraged to simply submit the details of jobs on offer,
and these will be posted at our website. This info, in the
form of monthly job bulletins, will also be broadcast by email
to APL-skilled participants who have subscribed to this service.

How can I get involved?

The APL Skills Database is a free service for both employers
and job-seekers. If you are an employer looking for APL skills,
just send us the details of the position being offered and we
will post them on our website. APL-skilled persons who subscribe
to the APL Skills Database will be sent these incoming job
notices via email as they arrive.

The APL Skills Database will also post resume information
of APL-skilled consultants, contractors and individuals
who may be in the job market. If you already have your own
website, we will link to it from our site.

All information and questions about the project may be
directed to either of our email addresses:

The Toronto APL SIG website is at:   http://www.*-*-*.com/
The ACM SIGAPL website is at:       http://www.*-*-*.com/

The APL Skills Database can only work with the enthusiastic
participation of employers seeking APL skills, and employees
seeking APL employment. Please join us in this unique project.

The Toronto APL Special Interest Group
P.O. Box 55, Adelaide St. Post Office
Toronto, Ontario, M5C 2H8, Canada

*free usually means you can get it for free from the net, or pay small
media/documentation charges to get it from the vendor.

This list is not authorized or supported by the US government or NASA
or Caltech or the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Nor is any other
organization or individual living or dead or gone beyond responsible
in any official or legal way.

It is distributed solely on an as-is basis, with no guarantee of being
of any use whatsoever to anyone. The user takes complete
responsibility for any problems or trouble resulting from the use of
this list.

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