SISAL Developers' Workshop at PACT'97 
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 SISAL Developers' Workshop at PACT'97

Several of us are organizing a SISAL Developers' Workshop at PACT'97.
Check the PACT web page at:

SISAL is a high-performance functional array language that can
often beat fortran and vendor library routines on both serial and
parallel benchmarks. We are attempting to organize the future development
of SISAL and OSC, its compiler to ease compiler ports, improve
execution efficiency, and streamline the language.

My own interest in the project is in the use of SISAL as an intermediate
language for compiled array languages such as APL. My first cut at
this, with the APEX APL compiler, showed that, although many
applications compiled WITH APEX were as fast as, or faster than,
FORTRAN, a number of others were not, usually due to SISAL's
vectors-of-vectors array storage.  I want to fix this in SISAL, as well
as addressing other problems of porting, character set, etc.

The PACT'97 web page points to a proposed agenda for the meeting;
I welcome additions to the agenda, including brief presentations,
statements of direction, etc. Send email.

I think if we can exploit the work done on OSC, rather than
reinventing the same wheels over and over again, the functionaal
computing community will be a happier and more productive place.


Robert Bernecky
Snake Island Research Inc

Fri, 10 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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