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 APL/"Elvish" puzzle

I got the following response via second hand email with the request
to please post it to the newsgroup, so here it is...

--------------------- Included file ---------------------

Subject:      clues in Elvish
Organization: Reuters APL Software Division
Date:   Sat, 31 Jul 1993 16:17:24 -0400

Funny you should ask about that puzzle. Its history is as follows.

Bill Bergquist of IBM Los Angeles (dead these many years) created the
puzzle you speak of. It was a double crostic: when you filled all the
letters in the clue words the initial letters of the words formed the
name of the author and the title of the book; when you transferred the
letters from the clue words to the designated boxes in the rectangular
form, you read a quotation from the book. The puzzle was printed along
with a promise that a special prize would be sent to all who sent in
the correctly solved puzzle.

According to Bill Bergquist, only one solution was sent in. He kept
waiting and waiting until the lone solver finally complained that the
prize had never been sent to him, whereat Bill asked his daughter to
make up a hand-lettered scroll for the single winner, and sent it to

The parchment (the only one in existence) reads:

     This document certifies that

           E. E. McDonnell

    is officially enrolled in the


          this 26th day of August

              (J. W. Bergquist)
             authorized signature

(The seal is a golden apple.)

Try solving the puzzle. I used APL to do all the entering of guesses
into the clue words and into the rectangular table and transferring
letters back and forth. It is worth doing. I won't spoil your fun by
giving you any clues.

As best as I can recall, nothing else ever appeared regarding the
puzzle in Quote Quad beyond the "clues in Elvish" that you mention.
I'll have to go to my APL warehouse out by the Palo Alto airport and
get out the Quote Quad issue that contains the puzzle. I suspect it
probably appeared in an issue from 1973 or even 1972. (I didn't become
Recreational APL editor until about 1976 or 7.)

I ran across the puzzle just the other day. To judge from the tack
marks in the corners, I guess I must have had it{*filter*} in my office
for a few years.
--------------------- Included file ---------------------
Paul Hoefling
Information Pack Rat
Wireless Data Group - Motorola, Inc.
Bothell, WA

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