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 APL95 Session Chairs

As APLxx approaches, the organizing committee generally goes mad,
loses sleep, and tears out their hair. In my case, the last step
can be elided. One of the tasks on my list is to enlist Session
Chairs for technical sessions. The tasks of a Session Chair include:

Introduction of speakers

Assisting with stage setup [e.g., helping the speaker to get fitted out
 with a microphone]

Keeping the sessions on schedule. This may entail some delicate
work to get certain speakers offstage when they insist on "Just 5 more

Acting as MC for questions, etc.

Contacting appropriate people if an emergency or equipment failure

Session Chairs get the same pay as the Conference Organizing Committee (zero)
but get to strut their stuff on the stage for seconds at a time.

The job of Session Chair is, as you see, fairly straightforward.
There are a substantial number of sessions at APL95, and
I am seeking volunteers to chair them. If you
are attending APL95 and have some time to give to help the
Conference roll along a bit more smoothly, please drop me email

or not available, and if you have specific sessions you wish to Chair.
In particular, if you REALLY want to see Session X, then acting as
a Chair for that session is a natural. We don't want to make you
miss a session because you've volunteered to Chair another one.

Thanks. Bob

Robert Bernecky
Program Chair, APL95

Thu, 18 Sep 1997 04:00:00 GMT  
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