Consultants: advertise in APL95 Final Program 
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 Consultants: advertise in APL95 Final Program

Advertising in the APL95 Final Program is available for individual
consultants and small consultancies at the quite reasonable rate
of $60 for a 1/3 page ad (or $150 if you want to splurge on a full
page ad).  The 1/3 page size is 2.5" deep by 4.5" wide and the ads
will be printed 3 per page (page size is 8.5" deep by 5.5" wide).

We expect that between 300 and 500 people will attend APL95, and
all of them will get a Final Program, so this is an inexpensive
way to let a lot of people know about that APL consulting is
available.  [ Placing an ad _and_ coming to APL95 (June 4-8, San
Antonio, Texas) should be a good way to get noticed and make some
contacts. ]

[ Yours truly dropped the ball and didn't work on this in time for
the Preliminary Program, which is in the mail to about 3,000 APL
users right now.  Next year, though ... ]

If you want to place an ad you can send

        camera-ready copy in the specified size, or
        an MS Word or Windows Write document, or
        a document in .RTF format, or
        plain ASCII text

to me.  Plain ASCII or .RTF can be sent by e-mail, as-is.  Word
or Write documents should be UUENCODEd if sent by e-mail.  If you
want full control over format and apperarance, camera-ready is
the best way to get it, but as long as you restrict fonts to
Times, Helvetica (Arial), and Courier, we can generate the
camera-ready and it should be just as you expect; if you would
like to use other fonts, drop me a line and I'll let you know if
I can handle it (I do have a small selection of other fonts on
my home PC).  If you send ASCII, I will do the layout for you, but
that means you'll have to trust my art-direction skills (such as
they are).

        USPS to:        Mike Kent
                        APL95 Advertising Manager
                        24 Kendal Avenue
                        Maplewood, NJ  07040

I don't have a drop-deadline for receipt of this, so I'll make
one up:  April 22 for camera-ready, April 8 for machine-readable.

We will need a check in US funds on a US or Canadian bank by
April 22.  Checks should be payable to "ACM SIGAPL APL95
Conference" and sent to me at the above snail-mail address.

At the same time, I would like to point out that the SIGAPL
quarterly newsletter, APL Quote Quad, accepts ads and is now
being published _on_ _schedule_ (and has been for the last
year and a half, or so, and look like it will continue to be
on schedule for the forseeable future).  If interested, drop
me a line and I will forward rates and contact info.

Mike Kent
ACM SIGAPL Treasurer
APL95 Conference Treasurer, Ad Manager, Vendor Liaison, ...

Thu, 28 Aug 1997 05:05:29 GMT  
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