Free APL2 seminar at L.A. City College 
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 Free APL2 seminar at L.A. City College


ATTENTION UNFULFILLED PC USERS! When faced with a problem you need to solve in
finite time, have you ever .....

   * hunted in vain for a commercial application that does what you need?
   * given up trying to learn enough C or fortran to write the needed code?
   * settled for a programmable calculator but wished it was more powerful?

If the answer is YES to any of the above, SOCAL-SIGAPL suggests you check out
a better alternative: a high-level interpreted computer language called APL2.
You can quickly learn enough of the powerful features of this language to
start solving your particular problems on a PC interactively---that is, the
same way you might use a calculator of astonishing power. Bigger problems and
repetitive tasks can be attacked by incorporating your problem-solving steps
in a very compact program that's easy to write, understand, and change. You'll
probably never need a flow chart, and because the language is interpreted,
extensions and debugging are a snap.

SOCAL-SIGAPL (an independent L.A basin area Special Interest Group for APL)
is planning to conduct an introductory one-day seminar in problem-solving with
APL2. The seminar is addressed primarily to students and faculty in any
discipline that makes use of computer-based problem solving--- not only in the
"hard" sciences but social science, management science, econometrics, etc.
The presentation will be held beginning at 9:00 a.m. Saturday, April 29, 1995,
at Los Angeles City College (west side of Vermont Ave. between Melrose Ave.
and Santa Monica Blvd.). There's no charge, but space is a bit limited so a
reservation will be required. Phone Harry at (818) 846-6390 for information
and to reserve a place.

The presentation is divided into two parts: lecture format before the noon
lunch break, and guided "hands-on" practice at provided PC's afterwards.
Participants who elect to remain for the second half will be provided at no
charge with a full set of presentation notes,  and with an enhanced training
package called Tryapl2 from IBM. The package includes a diskette that contains
(1) a demo version of IBM's APL2 interpreter, (2) an on-line user's manual,
and (3) some interactive tutorials. The package allows anyone who is so
inclined to experiment with APL2 on their own PC's.

Anyone who feels they, their department, or their associates might benefit
from the presentation is urged to call SOCAL-SIGAPL as indicated above to
obtain details about location on the LACC campus, parking, and so on. At the
same time you can resetve a spot for a very interesting April 29th!

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