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In a recent article, Doug White writes:

>I am involved in trying to re-release an APL software package for
>circuit analysis ....
>In order to attract the widest audience (and hopefully hook a few more
>people on APL while I'm at it), I want to make sure that it works with
>the 'freeware' PC APL's available at the Waterloo archives:
>  ftp://watserv1.uwaterloo.ca/languages/apl/apl-plus/aplse.html
>Unfortunately, there are actually 3 systems on this page; APLSE.ZIP,
>FREEAPL.ZIP, and PLUSDEMO.ZIP.  PLUSDEMO.ZIP contains a lot of useful
>workspaces and files not found in the others, but the interpreter is
>'crippled'.  The point of confusion arises when you look at APLSE.ZIP
>Can anyone tell me what the differences are between APLSE and FREEAPL?

Short answer: Use APLSE.EXE.  It's a de-documented version of APL*PLUS
v10.1, and there are no restrictions on its distribution.

APLSE.EXE is included in both APLSE.ZIP and FREEAPL.ZIP.  Tip: APLSE
uses the "unified" (lowercase) keyboard by default.  If you want to
use the mainframe UPPERCASE keyboard, use 0 []POKE 118.

I may be responsible for the confusion.  There've been a lot of
changes since Manugistics sold its APL business to FRS (Financial
Reporting Systems) last Fall.  Manugistics used the names FREEAPL
and APLSE at various times.  I've tried to keep up with them, but
obviously haven't been fully successful.  I added some material to
FREEAPL that isn't present in APLSE.  You don't need this (I think).

PLUSDEMO is terrific as a demo, but it won't run applications.  It is
*not* crippled in the sense that it *will* run your .aws if you hack it
(your .aws, not the APL interpreter).  I include PLUSDEMO in my up-
coming LRNAPLSE.ZIP tutorial because it has documentation that APLSE

*Use APLSE*.  It's what you need to run your APL*PLUS application.
It's thinly documented, and SYSHELP.ASF is missing.  But it's
otherwise a full-featured edition of APL*PLUS v10.1.  Use "APLSE
initWs=circuit" in your .BAT file to skip the Manugistics promo
screen and load your ini0 directly.  If your material works in
any version of APL*PLUS, it will work in APLSE.  Just put a good
front-end on it.

BTW: is your circuit analysis program something that might be
suitable for the APL96 Software Library (nee Software Exchange)?
If so, send it to me (I'm running the Software Library/Exchange
again this year) --{*filter*} Holt, 3802 N. Richmond St.  Arlington
VA 22207.  (MPACK or UU encoded zip file via email is also ok).

The deadline is drawing nigh if you want it to show up at Lancaster.
If you can't get it to me soon, get it to me later.  I'll be sure
to post it at uwaterloo.  The SIGAPL Software Library (nee Exchange)
is switching to year-round electronic distribution.  We're decoupling
it from the annual conf.

Dick Holt

Thu, 19 Nov 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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