APL+DOS characters in Win2K 
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 APL+DOS characters in Win2K

From time to time, someone asks whether it is possible to use the APL
character set
when running APL+DOS in Windows 2000.
The answer is yes, for both windowed and full-screen displays (as
discovered by trial-and-error).

First, make the following changes to CONFIG.APL
Env=2 ! do NOT use APL+DOS keyboard handler
commbuff=0  ! don't try to use built-in terminal handler

Second, install the windows APL fonts. These come with APL+DOS, and are
installed from the Fonts folder in Control Panel settings. This step
seems to be essential to getting the full screen fonts to work.

Third, make a shortcut for the batch file that starts up APL+DOS, and
use this shortcut to set program properties. Deselect Ctrl-Esc under the
'Misc' tab. Also make sure that the program starts as Windowed under the
'Screen' tab. Select 8 x 14 font size under the Font tab. Finally, set
all the properties under the Memory tab to 'Auto'.
The batch file that starts APL+DOS should include APLFONT before
invoking the interpreter if you want full screen APL characters. It
should also have the Windowed property set.

When APL+DOS starts, it will be Windowed. Select Properties from the
Icon button, and set Font size to 8 x 14 (if not already set). When
asked, make this permanent.

Now the trick.
Press Alt-Enter to get full screen. You won't see any characters.
CAREFULLY type 3 {quad}INT 16 and hit return.
Now the APL characters are available in both full-screen and windowed

I have tried a number of variations of these steps, but they all seem
essential. It might be possible to automate some of this. But if you
REALLY need APL+DOS characters in Win2K (because, like me, you have some
legacy programs that MUST be maintained), this works.

Now, has anyone had any success in getting {quad}G style graphics to run
under Win2K? Or does anyone know that this is impossible? TIA.

Mon, 03 May 2004 08:13:49 GMT  
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