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This year's international conference on APL is co-sponsored by the Association
for Computing Machinery (ACM) Special Interest Group in APL (SIGAPL) and the
Toronto chapter of ACM SIGAPL.  Invited speakers, papers, tutorials, workshops
and panels will take a closer look not only at the APL and J languages, but
also at the wide array of applications in which they are used, including:

Actuarial theory               Image processing       Programming
Array languages and theory     Mathematics            Software engineering
Artificial intelligence        Neural networks        Statistics
Education                      Parallel computing     User interfaces

Several APL vendors, including Dyadic, IBM, Iverson Software, Manugistics,
MicroAPL, and Soliton Associates (formerly I.P. Sharp) will be on hand to
display their products and services in the Vendors Exhibition.  Many of these
will also present their product development plans in the Vendor Forums.  In
addition, posters, birds-of-a-feather sessions, a software exchange and an art
gallery will ensure that there is always something going on through the day.  
In the evenings, take part in the planned social events, then take a break
from it all and explore Toronto!

Invited speakers at this year's conference are:

Professor Donald McIntyre, a distinguished lecturer for the ACM from 1985-1990


Dr. Stephen B. Jaffe, a senior research consultant at Mobil Research and
Development in Paulsboro (NJ, USA).

Dr. McIntyre will talk about 'The Triumph of Symbols over Words', illustrating
5,000 years of evolving mathematical notation.  Professor McIntyre's
seventieth birthday will coincide with his Sunday presentation of a tutorial
on J.

Dr. Jaffe will speak about 'Modelling Petroleum Chemistry in the Era of Clean
Fuels'.  Petroleum refiners and planners are turning to mathematical models
for guidance in designing new products in which APL plays a crucial role.


APL 93 is being held at:
Medical Sciences Building
University of Toronto

For further APL 93 conference details, please contact

APL 93 Conference Committee
c/o Co-ordination Plus Inc.
Aetna Tower
PO Box 68
79 Wellington Street W.
Toronto, Ontario  M5K 1E7

Tel: (416) 777-0608
Fax: (416) 777-0611

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