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 Developing windows forms applications


> >Now that I have started using the forms in J a bit more seriously
> >I have found it a bit tedious to remember what verbs are connected
> >to what object and event on the form.

> >In order to make that a bit easier on myself I have found that
> >adding these two lines

> >else.
> >wdinfo 1{ >,}."1 wdq

> >to wdhandler can make a huge difference
> >in understanding what is going on.

> >It is always possible to have a verbs in the form scripts called
> ><formname>_handler
> >or
> ><formname>_default
> >to take care of unexpected events but I prefer to handle the event
> >in expected verbs.
> Having "unconnected" events pop up something like a message box
> is a good idea when developing a form -- I think I'll do that.
> I don't believe I understand why you don't use the <formname>_default
> handler to do it though.

The reason being that the <formname>_default needs to be in my scripts.
It is ok to use when I do not intend to do all of the events and if
I remember to put it into the script.

The problem is that in many cases I just take a script strip it down
and I may not remember to keep <formname>_default there and when I
take the form into the Visual laboratory in J (edit/form edit) then
there is nothing there to remind me to put it there.

wdhandler is always there.

This has happened to me time and again. And because I know there are
a lot more poeple who would like to work in a similar way as I do I
thought it a good idea to share this approach with others.

Only yesterday I discovered I had left aout two events from a form
I was going to supply. I would not have discovered it with out this.

So this is no critic of how J works and I think the idea of
<formname>_handler and <formname>_default are great. I sometimes
use them. They  are just not what I need all of the time.

Having these two lines there and learning to use wdqshow in certain
cases to look at the results while developing the form actions has
speeded up the useability of the forms for me a lot.

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Wed, 23 Sep 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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