APL support planned for Irma Workstation for Windows 
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 APL support planned for Irma Workstation for Windows

> Subject:      APL support planned for Irma Workstation for Windows

> Organization: Reuters Information Services (Canada)
> Date:          4 Feb 92 16:00:11 UT

>  ...  Yesterday, somebody from DCA called me to say they had decided to
>  proceed with APL support, for availability late this summer.  She said it
>  would be 'basic' APL, not APL2 - which I take to mean some APL3278-like
>  nonunion abomination lacking hoof and paw and the like.  No real info's
>  available right now on keyboard or screen font since somebody at DCA's
>  got to go off and figure out how they're going to do this - I was told I
>  could call back late April or so for more info.

>  Registered IWW users will presently (not yet, I'm told) be able to attach
>  themselves to a me-too list for EPR2154 and receive the update (for free,
>  supposedly) when it's available.  Those of us who haven't bought IWW
>  because it doesn't support APL yet will have to content ourselves with
>  bugging DCA's tech support line for information periodically or listening
>  to rumors in comp.lang.apl.  Even if this thing turns out to be a dud
>  useful only to whoever requested it (as seems possible) it's nice to see
>  a mainstream vendor taking notice of APL...
>  /Gary Dennis

Attachmate EXTRA! has offered APL in their 3270 emulation for several
years.  It has APL2 characters on the keyboard map.  The product includes
a remapping utility although I've never tried to modify the APL layout.
I currently run "EXTRA! Extended for DOS" 2.21 as a DOS app. under

Attachmate told me recently that they will be adding APL support along
with host graphics support to their "EXTRA! for Windows" version.

Contact:  Attachmate Corp.
          13231 S.E. 36th Street
          Bellevue, WA 98006

Charles A. Schulz
Lockheed Missiles & Space Co., Inc.
P.O. Box 3504
Sunnyvale, California  94088-3504
Tel:  408-742-5277
Fax:  408-742-2563

Wed, 27 Jul 1994 01:56:01 GMT  
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