Device Driver: from Apple III BASIC to IBM BASIC 
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 Device Driver: from Apple III BASIC to IBM BASIC

Hi, everybody,

        I have an example device driver program written in BASIC for Apple III
        computer and need to translate it into IBM code.  

        I am not an Apple-BASICer, so can someone out there tell me what the
        equivalence code is in IBM-BASIC.  Thanks in advance.

        // DETERMINE RS232 STATUS.
        2100    INVOKE"REQUEST.INV":C=1      
        2220    R$=".RS232"                   // GET INITIAL RS232 STATUS
        2240    OPEN #1,R$


Amy H. Sung
2001 Areospace Parkway                  phone: 216 891-2922

Mon, 28 Dec 1992 02:44:59 GMT  
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