j8 availability and features? 
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 j8 availability and features?


Can  someone summarize (and post) the features and availability of J8 ?


Mon, 20 Jan 1997 05:40:36 GMT  
 j8 availability and features?

On UNIX machines the big difference is the introduction of
while, if, continue, catch, and break and the elimination of

Yet another difference is the syntax of amend has been
changed to be consistent with from.

Locales are different and now allow for child locales
and a superclass locale called the z locale. It allows
you to load in a bunch of scripts but when you look
at the variables in you session those from the z locale
don't show.

The big change is in the MS_Windows environment.

The J session manager is a MDI. So you can edit several
js functions at once, and get Tiled and Casaded displays
of the windows. If you've ever used Visual Basic J is
kind of like that but actually much nicer (although
J doesn't yet have a facility allowing one to create
GUIs by clicking.)

All controls are 3D.

Chris Burke has continued and expanded his suite of
demos. One showing a DDE hook into Excel, another how
to use generic vbx's. The visual impact of his stuff
is startling. He is doing a TERRIFIC job.

There is support for vbxs . The demos include controls
for displaying icons, histograms, and a box allowing users to enter
enter data into J with the same look and feel of a spreadsheet.

 However, hardly any of the demos work because they
 haven't been updated for J8. Also, there are places
 where the logical stucture of these program lacks
 discipline. One thing I don't like is that the order
 that you have to figure out the order load scripts.
 Sometimes you can load the fundamental scripts but
 get value errors because there is some verb which
 didn't get defined. And users will have to spend
 as much time decyphering his programs as they will
 studying J.  Consequently, beta J8 feels beta like
 if you don't know what you are doing, but pretty stable
 if you do.

BTW, there are also demos which demonstrate how to hook
into a variety of database packages.

Also John Bakers FoxPro support for J8 is fully implemented.
It allows users to store locales and words in a database.
This package creates an entire new facit to J programming.

 At this point I think that the deal is that the
 documentation to Chris Burke's stuff only comes with
 the professional version - or not. I'm not sure.

BTW, the difference between the personal use version and
professional versions of J will be that the professional
version allows users to create executables and has a
license allowing you to distrube them royalty free.


Tue, 21 Jan 1997 04:16:15 GMT  
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