Toronto APL SIG Meeting 25 SEP 95 
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 Toronto APL SIG Meeting 25 SEP 95

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      MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 1995  6:30 P.M. (DOORS OPEN AT 6)

       The 1995 International APL Conference (APL95) was held June 4-8
in San Antonio, Texas.  Come and hear a panel of those who attended
discuss the latest platforms, language-modifications, applications
and other new developments in the APL world. Panelists include:

                           Peter Wooster
                           Robert Bernecky
                           Richard Brown
                           Ben Best

      The North Toronto Memorial Community Centre (NTMCC) is 4 blocks west
of Yonge Street on the north side of Eglinton. By TTC, go to the
Eglinton & Yonge subway station and take the 61 (Avenue Rd. North),
32 (Eglinton West) or 5 (Avenue Road) bus and get off at the second bus
stop (Lascelles Blvd.).

      For those driving, parking is available for those attending meetings
at a flat rate of $3 (lot closes at 10:15 pm). The NTMCC parking lot
entrance is off Eglinton next to the Lascelles Blvd bus stop. Parking
is also available at no charge at various street locations in the area.
For example, permit is required only after midnight on the north side
of Roselawn Avenue -- the street north of the park north of NTMCC.

      Free Admission  -  Free Refreshments  -  All Welcome

      See you there!

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