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Dear APL News readers,

No apologies for the commercial nature of this posting;
vendors were recently encouraged to post news regarding their

I just noticed that we are missing from the list of vendors in
the APL FAQ, so this is to draw attention to ourselves. I had
assumed that everyone had heard of us by now through our news
items and articles in Vector, but have discovered that a lot of
North Americans in particular do not read this excellent magazine!
So let me start with a little advertising on behalf of Vector
(depite the fact that I am not British either :-):

------ Start of Vector Promotion -----

This magazine is REQUIRED READING for the serious APL user or
enthusiast! A quarterly publication, Vector delivers about 600+
pages per year of news items by vendors, reviews of APL interpreters
and products, tips, techniques, and an educational supplement
which uses both APL and J.

------- End of Vector Promotion ------

First, I'd like to announce a new "official" E-Mail address for
Insight Systems (the one on the back cover of the latest Vector is
unfortunately incorrect). Please address electronic messages for

Insight Systems has developed a number of "cross-platform" APL
tools. The "cross-platform" bit means that, wherever possible,
our products are available for as many APL interpreters as possible.
At present, that means APL2, APL*PLUS II and III, and Dyalog APL,
wherever these interpreters are found under Windows, OS/2 or Unix.
We expect to add Sharp APL under Unix and possibly some J products
when the commercial release of J becomes available. Insight Systems
sells APL systems from IBM, Manugistics and Dyadic in Denmark, and
has co-operation with these and other APL Vendors both in Denmark
and internationally.

The most important product is SQAPL, our interface to SQL databases.
The product is available for all platforms mentioned above, and
supports two important Database or Middleware Application Program
Interfaces. SequeLink Client/Server MiddleWare (TM) is supported
on all platforms, and provides access to just about any database
(plus a number of non-SQL services) using almost any network protocol.
The second API is Microsoft ODBC, which is currently only supported
under Microsoft Windows. ODBC-only versions of this product are
being marketed by Dyadic and Manugistics with their latest Windows
products. The functionality provided is similar to that provided by
other SQL interfaces like AP127.

We also have a product called the SQAPL server, which makes it
possible call a server which speaks APL rather than SQL. So you can
encapsulate your APL2, APL*PLUS or Dyalog APL algorithms and databases
and present them to APL and non-APL clients using a standard
Client/Server API (currently only via the SequeLink API, but later
this year, the APL Server should be accessible as an ODBC server).

There was a thread recently about common filing systems for different
APL interpreters. Our SQAPL product can be used for this purpose,
since you can use an APL server or an SQL database as common storage
for different APL systems. With the "Professional Edition" of SQAPL,
we support the storage of APL arrays in BINARY or CHAR columns in an
SQL database (which might just be a flat DOS file accessed via an
ODBC driver). We store data in the internal form of the APL system
which wrote it, but any SQAPL client can extract the original APL
array from it. So you could put *any* APL array from APL*PLUS under
Windows into DB2, Oracle, Ingres (etc..) - and then read it from
Dyalog APL under Unix or APL2 under OS/2, and get exactly the same
APL array back (so long as it can exist in the target system).
Under Windows, you can use dBase, Paradox, Access (etc..) to transfer
objects between APL*PLUS III and Dyalog APL/W.

Character translation is based on UNICODE standard, and we
will provide UNICODE tables for all APL systems known to us.

We have a number of other products to do things like drive a spreadsheet
manager as a virtual terminal (with "devide drivers" for Excel, Lotus
and Quattro Pro), cross-platform fastcode, and Asynch support for
Dyalog APL/W - but rather than clutter up the news net any more I
suggest that anyone interested either contact us directly or check
out the last few issues of Vector for more information.

Thank you for your attention, and my apologies to anyone who did not
find this interesting!


Morten Kromberg,
SQAPL Product Manager,
Insight Systems

Tue, 21 Jan 1997 21:08:31 GMT  
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