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 SIGAPL Book Sale Now in Progress

SIGAPL is pleased to make a variety of APL reading and reference material
available to you at DISCOUNT PRICES.  Listed here are over 20 titles, with
a short description of each.  Ordering procedures are discussed after the

Through the efforts of volunteers, as well as other good fortune, we are
able to offer these books at prices that will permit you to buy, even if you
are merely curious.  While many of these publications date from the early
1970's, they contain sound insight that is still needed in these days of
nested APL systems, workstations, and packages.

We are willing to discount these prices further if you would like to discuss
volume discounts or other special arrangements.  All prices shown are in US

 Price                 Author, Title
=======  ======================================
  4.25   Introduction to APL, Ken Iverson
         A general introduction to APL.  Functions, operators and sample
         expressions are given.  Intended to give the general reader a
         sense of the language.  This book can also be used in conjunction
  4.25   APL language, Ken Iverson
         A working definition of the APL language, as of the late 1970's, and
  0.75   diskettes for above
         To learn APL in more detail.
  2.75   Introducing APL to Teachers, Ken Iverson
         Shows how APL can be used to perform some commonly taught tasks in
         arithmetic, algebra, number and character manipulation.
  2.75   Introducing APL to Scientists and Engineers, Ken Iverson
         Demonstrates how APL can be used in laboratory and engineering
         environments.  Included are curve-fitting, series evaluation, simple
         graphics, solution of linear equations, and so forth.
  4.00   Algebra: An Algorithmic Treatment, Ken Iverson
         An Algebra textbook, using APL as the notation.  Presents
         APL in the context of algebra.
  1.75   solutions for above, Janet A. Iverson
  4.75   Elementary Analysis, Ken Iverson
         A textbook presentation of a high school-level course
         in functions, presented in an APL context.
  5.25   Calculus in a New Key, Donald Orth
         A textbook cvering differential Calculus, using APL to
         explore and discuss the topic.
  3.00   Probability in APL, Linda Alvord
         A text book on probability and statisics, written from an APL point
         of view.  Covers distributions, combinations, permutations.
         Humorously written and illustrated, with serious material.
  0.75   diskettes for above
  4.25   Resistive Circuit Theory, Robert Spence
         This textbook covers the theory behind the creation of electric
         circuits, and uses APL as a notation for the underlying mathematics.
         Will not only show you something about electrical engineering, but
         also about the application of APL.
  2.75   APL in Exposition, Kenneth Iverson

Historical Source Materials:
  5.75   APL Quote-Quad: The Early Years, Garth Foster and other contributors
         Reprints and excerpts from before Quote Quad was actually called
         Quote Quad.  This book will help you can trace the evolution of APL.
  5.25   Iverson and others, A Source Book in APL
         Republication of many of the early papers and articles regarding the
         development and design of APL, and the thinking that went into the
         early implementations.
  0.25   APL Vade Mecum (wallet card)
         Consise description of APL, as of the early 1980's. Buy 2 and protect
         your business cards!  Buy a deck, none of these cards are a bad pick!
  1.50   APL Blossom Time (recording)
         A 45 RPM record of the APL81 crowd singing a song composed for APL
         enthusiasts.  Flip side is a "somewhat more professional" version.
         If you were in San Francisco, listen for your own voice!

Demonstrations, Philosophy
  1.50   APL and Insight, Berry, Bartoli, Dell'Aquila, Spadavecchia
         This report discusses the utility of APL for developing consise models
         of real systems, for teaching and prototyping.  A "required reading"
         item for anyone considering these activities.  Outlines, in this sense,
         a place for APL in the wider world.
  2.25   Starmap, Paul Berry and John Thorstensen
         Do you want to see a complex application written in APL and described
         in detail?  Is the solar system complex enough?  Read the description,
         type in the code.  The package can draw maps of the sky, with planets
         in the right place.  The booklet describes a functional breakdown of
         the APL solution.
  3.50   The Four Cube Problem,  Eugene McDonnell
         A well-written critique of a problem written in BASIC and APL;
         the game INSTANT INSANITY.  The algorithms are compared and analyzed.
         Use this booklet to show how consise and well-document APL can become!

Special Packages:
We will assemble a set of the above publications at a further discount.  We're
planning on offering more combinations in the future, but get them while they
last!  We're also open to suggestions regarding discount combinations.

  9.75   The Historical Package - Quote Quad: The Early Years, Source Book in
         APL, APL Blossom Time, and 10 APL wallet cards

  5.00  The Demo Package - APL and Insight, Starmap, and the Four Cube Problem.

  6.00  The Application Package - Resistive Circuit Theory, Starmap, and
        Probability in APL

Shipping:  Because of these low prices, you must pay for shipping prior to
shipment.  Rates for shipping many of these books are still being negotiated
with a discount shipper.  Until these negotiations are concluded, please write
to me at the e-mail address at the end of this article.  We will weigh
your order and inform you of the shipping cost.  Including a phone number, fax
number, or e-mail ID will expedite this process.

Payment: All payments must be in US dollars, drawn on a US bank.  Postal Money
Orders (in US Dollars) are also acceptable.  Your order and payment will be
returned if we cannot supply one or more of the items in your order.

A future issue of Quote-Quad will contain shipping rate information.

                                                         Robert G. Brown
                                             Quote Quad Executive Editor

Sat, 22 Oct 1994 12:40:44 GMT  
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