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 SIGAPL Presentation

I'd like to invite you to a presentation on two APL topics:

  "The Origins of APL2" - In this presentation, I trace the development
  of some of the fundamental ideas in APL2 and credit the people
  responsible for them.

  "Today's APL2" - I will demonstrate some of the latest advances in APL
  including a just available high level GUI interface which together
  with the APL2 Dialog Editor makes GUIs so simple that any APL
  programmer can create fancy windows easily. I'll show you how trivial
  it is to put a GUI interface on an old application. I will also give
  some multi-media demonstrations.

The presentation is scheduled in Rockville, Maryland on August 21 and is
sponsored by the Potomic ACM SIGAPL and the Capital PC User Group APL
SIG. Detailed information about the meeting can be found below.
There is no charge for attendance. If you are not a member and are
interested in on-going APL activities, membership information will be
available at the meeting.

I hope to see you at this event.

Time: 7:30PM

Location: Capital PC User Group Office
          51 Monroe Street
          Suite Plaza East Two
          Rockville, Maryland

Directions: By Metro, Take the Red line to Rockville Station, go left
  via the West Exit, up 2 floors to B level, and through the enclosed
  walkway towards Rockville Center, across Hungerford Dr./Rockville Pik
  (Rt 355) into first entrance on left (51 Monroe St.)

  From north I-270 local lanes, take Exit 5 (Rockville Town
  Center-Potoma to Falls Road (Rt 189), east on Maryland Ave. At third
  light, turn right on Fleet St., left on Monroe to 51 Monroe.

  From Route 270 North of Rockville, MD, exit Route 270 to Route 28 (W.
  Montgomery Ave), go East bound (right) towards Rockville, left(north)
  on Monroe St. Go one block on Monroe St. and turn right at the stop
  sign (which is still Monroe St) to 51 Monrow St.

  From Wisconsin Ave/Rockville Pike (Route 355) Bethesda area, take
  Wisconsin Ave (which becomes Rockville Pike) North past White Flint,
  Congressional Plaza, and Wintergreen, and when nearing the town of
  Rockville, get into the left lane and bear left/turn left (West) onto
  Route 28 (Jefferson St). Go one block on Route 28, and turn right
  (north) at the light onto Monroe St, go one more block and turn right
  (east) at the stop sign to 51 Monroe St.

  From Frederick Rd/Hungerford Drive (Route 355) Gaithersburg, take
  Frederick Road (which becomes Hungerford Drive) South. Go past
  Hechinger's and near the Rockville Metro station, get into the right
  lane.  Turn right (West) onto Monroe St to 51 Monroe.

Mon, 26 Jan 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
 SIGAPL Presentation
In Quote Quad, conference proceedings, or otherwise accessible to
far-flung APLers please?
Mike Kingston .................

Sat, 31 Jan 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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