apl on Windows 95/SGI 
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 apl on Windows 95/SGI

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> The APL2 character set does not display properly in a DOS window.
> APL2 must be run from a DOS fullscreen session under Windows,
> or outside of Windows, for full character set support.

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Hmmmm. It is actually very easy to change the character set used by
Windows in a DOS application, so that it will display APL
characters.. The file under Windows 3.1 is DOSAPP.FON, which contains
most (though not all) of the fonts available in a DOS window. For
using Dyalog APL under UNIX I amended the 10 x 18 size font, by using
the 8 x 16 font supplied for full-screen applications, and extending
the line-drawing characters to the edge of the character cell. Total
time from start to finish, including deciphering the file format was
about 4 hours. If I can do it, so can anyone else!

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