APL2 on HP100LX Palmtop 
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 APL2 on HP100LX Palmtop

I am trying to run IBM's APL2 on the HP100LX and cannot get the keybaord  
or character set to work correctly. APL2.EXE starts up fine (even finds  
$8087.com) and gets as far as "CLEAR WS". However any numeric entry seems  
to send it off into space or produce results like


Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I might try to make this work?  
The keyboard table may be the problem (or part of the problem) since the  
SHIFTED alphabetics do seem to produce many of the APL characters (SHIFT-I  
gives iota, but SHIFT-I 7 never seems to return with a result). Someone  
reported that TRYAPL worked fine on the HP100 although I haven't yet heard  
if they did anything special.

Sun, 19 Nov 1995 09:58:15 GMT  
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