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 Summary of good book responses

    First, I'd like to thank all of you who responded to my request
for a good book to get me started on APL. I'm enclosing excerpts of
the replies that I received in a summarized format so that the rest of
those subscribed to comp.lang.apl can read them. I apologize if I left
out any important info by excerpting by I'm always looking to save
bandwidth. If anyone is interested I'll forward the complete summary.
    Once again, thank you all!

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Welcome to APL!  The best book is unfortunately out of print,
Adrian Smith's _APL: a design handbook for commercial systems_
(Wiley 1982).
You might make do with the classic Gilman & Rose, which is
more current (3rd edition) but spreads APL idioms throughout
the book.


I just checked the three APL packages from SIMTEL and none of them has
the complete tutorial workspace. The iapl package has a tutorial
workspace but it doesn't include the full dialog, only the examples


( Quad LX from the Tutorial w/s with iapl )

Another thought is to try the 'tryapl2' package from IBM that is on in languages/apl. I haven't looked too closely
at this version but you may find a tutorial there.

I'll bet you your best bet will be to look for some sort of tutorial.
The standard docs for APL from IBM and I.P. Sharp and Assoc. are
notoriously cryptic!

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My favorite (and I've seen some unsatisfactory ones) is the old
classic, *APL: An Interactive Approach* by Gilman and Rose, published
by Wiley.  Check *Books In Print* to make sure you get the latest
edition: I *believe* they're up to a third.  This is a fine text in
every way.

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You might try Gilman and Rose, "APL, an Interactive Approach",
skipping the bits that bore you.  For a math major, there used to be a
book by William Prager, "An Introduction to APL" which is quite good.
Finally, Ulf Grenander has a book in one of the math series, called
"Mathematical Experiments on the Computer" - I think the title's
right, but let me know if you need a more precise cite.

Phil Viton


Mon, 20 Jun 1994 21:35:00 GMT  
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