I-APL, Vanguard APL, and APL.68000 
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 I-APL, Vanguard APL, and APL.68000


> Subject: Re: APL and Tandy TSR 80
> Date: 16 Apr 1998 21:39:03 GMT

> Related to this, I heard there was an I-APL under development for the Apple
> II once upon a time.
> Does anyone know where I could get a copy, or did it ever exist in a usable
> form?  (It'd be fun to run _some_ APL on that machine; if there were an
> Apple IIGS version, that'd be even better (but much less likely)!)

I have heard rumours of an Apple II version, and wish I had one
in the APL Archives.  The source code is there, together with
porter instructions.  I have heard no rumors of further
development on I-APL, other than the flurry of activity about a
decade ago.

There is  another APL for the Apple II called Vanguard
APL.  It requires a character chip.  This product was
developed at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas,
by student Phillip Van Cleve under the supervision of
Professor John Howland.  Phillip is the one who went on
to do the famous APL.68000.


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