Conversion of COMPLEX.QQ for use on TryAPL2 
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 Conversion of COMPLEX.QQ for use on TryAPL2

You may recall that I've been working on this project for a little over a month
I have essentially finished this job except for three programs in this WS. Now
that I am in possession of the APL2 Reference Summary (SX26-3737-2), I have
the means to finish these last three programs, which require unusual structures
to represent STSC-APL+ special forms in IBM's APL2 coding.
         With regret, I will not have time to do this job before my trip over-
seas one week from now. But be patient, I will take up this task as soon as I
get back about three months from now. As soon as I have finished at that time,
I will put the COMPLEX.QQ WS in its TryAPL2 form at the disposal of all who
want it, probably at some public FTP site.   Farewell!      --  Warren Vogt

Sun, 28 Jan 1996 13:00:56 GMT  
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