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 APL FAQ - correction re Sharp APL

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On April 6, 1993 Reuters APL Software Division became Soliton Associates
Limited as a result of an employee buyout. The SHARP APL and related
products (Viewpoint, Logos, Mailbox, and so forth) business is now owned by
Soliton, which consists of everybody that was in Reuters ASD at the time of
the buyout and a few others. We'll be having a vendor forum at APL93 and
hope to see you all there - we just cut a new release of SHARP APL/Unix
(SAX) and continue to sell and support the MVS version.

Our Toronto headquarters is in the throes of relocation out of the Exchange
Tower Reuters offices to new offices at 41 Victoria Street, effective in
late July - so the safest address and phone number to reach us at for the
next while will be the office I'm sitting in, the Rochester, NY support

Corrected address:
     Soliton Associates Limited
     1100 University Ave.,
     Rochester, NY 14607-1649
     (716) 256-6466
Fax: (716) 256-6469

I'll forward the Toronto address when it stabilizes. We also have offices in
Coventry and Frankfurt and a couple of people working out of Amsterdam and
Copenhagen. As always, most of our development staff is in Toronto and most
of our support staff is elsewhere.

I'll forward our official press release (it's short) presently.
/Gary Dennis
Tech Support
Soliton Associates Ltd.

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No statement or opinion contained herein should be taken as
being Reuters policy, or even as being approved by Reuters,
in any way.

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