Visulal J (J2) dde server 
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 Visulal J (J2) dde server

Juha Sointu writes:

  >I wan't to use Excel (5.0) as a client, and do some calculations with
  > J2, and then get the calculations back to Excel. How to do it?

I recommend you to look at the example given with J2
load 'examples\dde\ddedemo.js'

NB. ddedemo.js  - contains DDE examples
NB. The examples include paired client and server functions:
NB. client1, server1 - simple interactive demo. client1 sends J
NB.                    sentence for server1 to execute.
NB.                    client message is sent using ddeex command.
NB. client2, server2 - as above, but using windows dialog boxes.
NB.                    you can mix & match with the other programs.
NB. Method:
NB. - load 2 J sessions
NB. - arrange windows so that both active execution sessions
NB.   are visible
NB. - in each session, load this file
NB. - in one session (the server), start the server wait loop
NB.   by entering:  server1''
NB. - in the other session (the client), enter J sentences
NB.   for the server to execute, e.g.  client1 'i.3 4'
NB. - the server will receive the sentences, execute
NB.   them and display the result
NB. - to close, enter: client1 'close'
NB. You can use client2 in place of client1 - start as: client2''
NB. You can use server2 in place of server1 - start the same way.

An easy example from the manual shows you how a J2 session
puts data into excel

   load 'misc'
   data=.2 3$i. 7
   txt=.clipfmt data
   txt=. EAV,txt,EAV
   wd 'ddepoke excel sheet1 r1c1:r2c3 ',txt,';'


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