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 Join The APL95 Team

The SIGAPL Executive Committee is putting the final touches onto the
formal agreement of venue and dates for APL95. We are also building
the various committees who will turn APL95 into reality.

Would you like to participate in organising this event?
The Technical Programme is the core of the conference, it will comprise
Tutorials, Workshops, Reviewed Papers, Posters, Panels and more. We
need a lot of people to help make this all happen, and we want to
involve as wide a cross-section of the APL  world as we can - which is
why we're posting this message.

The main qualification is enthusiasm - don't worry if you've never done
this sort of thing before (the jobs to be done range from large to
small, and every one of us began somewhere). The other important
qualification is ready access to email - APL95 is an international
conference and we're building it with an international team.
The Call For Participation will be mailed soon. Please give some
thought to being part of the organising team - we look forward to
hearing from you.

Please email responses directly to myself, the SIGAPL Executive

Thu, 16 Jan 1997 22:21:47 GMT  
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