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 Into what am I getting?

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A note to Jack Rudd and others re the APL97 Conference survey
and the imprecise wording of a question:

I asked:

>> May I ask you to be a reviewer of future questionnaire wording
>> and design?

And Jack Rudd replied:

>Sure.  Er, I mean surely!  (Into what have I gotten myself?)  :-)

Don't worry too much about it.  The general idea is that user
feedback surveys provide practical data to APL/J Conference
organizers, publishers of APL/J periodicals, or APL/J vendors,
about how to improve their products and services.

However, this idea has never really taken root.  As far as I know
(since my first Conference in '87), Conference Organizers have
seldom if ever taken the initiative to ask their clients how
Conferences could be improved.

The important point here is that Toronto SIGAPL *did* take the
iniative, not that the wording of one question was ambiguous.
Wording can be easily fixed if caught in advance.  Indifference
to customer satisfaction is a tougher problem (e.g. Quote Quad).

Will other Conference organizers follow Toronto's lead?  I don't
know.  If past indifference is any indicator, I guess most won't.

So, you're (mostly) off the hook.  The only catch: I've put you,
and John Sullivan, and the others, in my address book.


Mon, 10 Jul 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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