Win2K and APL2 for DOS 
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 Win2K and APL2 for DOS

Hi All,

Anyone any experience with the use of IBM's APL2 for DOS in a DOS window on

All comments, gotchas etc. gratefully received.

TIA. . .


Tue, 23 Mar 2004 19:11:08 GMT  
 Win2K and APL2 for DOS

I sent you our "fact sheet" on running APL2/PC under Windows.

Nancy Wheeler
APL Products and Services


> Hi All,

> Anyone any experience with the use of IBM's APL2 for DOS in a DOS window on
> Win2K?

> All comments, gotchas etc. gratefully received.

> TIA. . .

> --
> CB

Wed, 24 Mar 2004 04:18:12 GMT  
 Win2K and APL2 for DOS
IBM is now offering a new service: Tech Notes.  Tech notes are documents
that provide answers to common questions.  They are available from the IBM
Support and Downloads web page:

To access the APL2 tech notes, simply go to the IBM support page and search
for the keyword APL2.  Alternatively, select the Software product area, then
select the Application Development product family, and finally APL2 as the
product type.

We have a tech note about running APL2/PC Version 1.02 under Windows.  It is
currently available at:

Please note: These pages are generated dynamically and so this tech note URL
may not always work.  We suggest you search for APL2 to always find the
latest tech notes.

And although we monitor comp.lang.apl, you can also send questions to

David Liebtag
IBM APL Products and Services

PS I apologize if this post appears twice.  I'm having trouble with the
connection to the news server.

Thu, 25 Mar 2004 00:34:03 GMT  
 Win2K and APL2 for DOS
Hi Chris,

I have the following experiences using IBM APL2 PC for DOS running under

Under runtime circumstances:

APL2RUN.EXE with STDIO, AP100, AP210 and three own written APs NO Problems
on round about

100 different WIN2K-Installations in Full-Screen and Window-Mode.

Under development circumstances:

APL232.EXE with AP2 AP100 AP101 AP103 AP120 AP124 AP172 AP210 and three own
written APs

NO Problems on my WIN2K-Machine, if you take notice of the following

1. The Environment-Variable for the Session-Manager for naming your
LOG-Files is ignored by APL232

    (also on all other DPMI-driven-Memory-Managers like Win 3.1, 95, 98, ME,

2. The Call of ED3 is ignored (also on all other DPMI-driven-Memory-Managers

    like Windows 3.1, 95, 98, ME, NT4)

3. I didnt found any possibility to see the correct APL Characters in the
Window-Mode (also on all

    other Windows-Environments).

4. In Full-Screen-Mode you can see APL-Characters using APLFONT with Option

Here is my Batch-File for calling AP232 on drive E: on my Win2K-Machine:

APL232 ap2 ap100 ap101 ap103 ap120 ap124 ap172 ap210 ap501 ap502 ap530
14m )LOAD AG386


1. In the "LNK"-Property of the batch-file above, you should select

2. It is important to select "LINES=43" before calling APL2FONT.

3. Only with Option "/s" APL2FONT.COM does work under Win2K.

4. It is VERY VERY important to write the Memory-Request (in my Example

    before the ")LOAD"-Statement! Any other place would lead to a "general
protection fault".

    Under Win2K 14M is the maximum Workspace-Amount I could request. If you

    more Memory under Win2K you read possibly bad news.

5. My LOAD-Workspace loads a "Unified Keyboard" using []PK with no problems.

    Many other Peeks and Poke with []PK which I have in use in my

    are working without any problems.

6. With [Alt+F9] you can refresh your screen, if your APL-Characters went

7. You see, that my working directory is "\praxis". Because of the lost of

    environment-variable for the Session-Manager (see above) I copy the

    Session-File into my \APL2 -Start-Directory, when Im finishing my


You have one disadvantage for APL2 PC under DMPI-Managers:

If APL is running, the system gives APL control. If APL is waiting for a
user response,

APL doesnt say to the system: "I have nothing to do"! So the systems waits
until the

the time slice reaches the end. So the Performance of the whole system
dramatically slows down

when APL232 is running.

To pretend this behaviour in my application, I have programmed a "I am
waiting for User-Input"-Signal

using INT 0x2F with function-call AX=0x1680! This is possible, because I
have written an own

AP for the user-interface in Assemlber.

I hope I could help you, Chis.

Best regards

Hans-Joachim G?rke

Thu, 01 Apr 2004 01:07:15 GMT  
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