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 J goodies on WATSERV1

Greetings J'ugglers,

With help of L.{*filter*}ey I have placed a large file of J utilities on

The path is       languages/j/j2/jbaker/jbaker.zip

jbaker.zip (170K) contains 3 text files:

  dumpjr2.js      ASCII J script file (around 18,000 lines)
  dumpjr2.jux     ASCII comma delimited "word calls" cross-reference
  dumpjr2.jgx     ASCII comma delimited "word group" cross-reference

I store all of my J words in a J/DDE/FoxPro database system I developed last year.
One of the features of this system is that it can dump it's contents in
J script form.  The dump script is a standard ASCII J script that contains:

  1)   J word definitions
  2)   Word group (like locales) definitions
  3)   Word documentation in{*filter*}format
  4)   Group documentation in{*filter*}format
  5)   Word Test cases

When I generated this file my utility dictionary contained about 750 J words.
Among the goodies in this file you will find:  (Search strings are in " quotes
do not include the " chars with your search)

  1)  A fast J string search and replace algorithm.  Scan the file for
      "changestr"  and  "\JW{changestr}".  "\JW" is a{*filter*}macro call that
      marks the beginning of a words documentation.

  2)  The J client part of the J/DDE/FoxPro system.  If you are curious about
      what you can do with DDE in J take a peek.  Search for "'' grp_jd_ 'JDICTR2'"
      All word group documentation begins with a string like "'' grp_jd_ 'groupname'"

  3)  A set of utilities for downloading SQL tabels via ODBC into J keyed component
      files.  I've moved SQL tables containing 300,000 rows off mainframe
      DB2 system with these verbs.  Search for  "SqlToKey"   and  "\JW{SqlToKey}"
      and  "'' grp_jd_ 'SQLTOKEY'"

  4)  Some useful J debugging tools.  Search for "stopat" and "\JW{stopat}"

  5)  Neat astronomical algorithms for calculating sunrise and sunset times
      for any point on earth.  Search for "sunriseset0" and "\JW{sunriseset0}"

  6)  J word parsing, decommenting, etc"
          search for "globnames"  and "decomm"

This is only a taste of what's in this file.  You'll also find many of
Roger Hui's little gems, Cliff Reiter's *.bmp algorithms, many ISI utilities
and much much more.

Feel free to download and dissect.  If you have any questions just
email me at:

John D. Baker
September 17, 1995

Thu, 05 Mar 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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