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 Fw: What is APL\11 (A Simple Question)


Are you using APL\11 for Unix and APL2 from IBM?


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Sent: lunes, 17 de diciembre de 2001 2:40
Subject: Re: What is APL\11 (A Simple Question)

>         Well, first I'm the gentlemen ask the A simple Question,
>         I have to clearify that no one ask me to do some APL job, because
> have no experence.
>         I learn APL by myself in China, what I have, is the A Programming
> Language borrowed
> from national lib, tryapl2, and apl11.  I learn APL just because I love
>         Though China isn't  a rich country, I think I would pay for a
> commerical version If I can earn
> money with it.
>         I don't like J as APL, because I just like APL's symbol :)

> Deng Hao
> LudiGame, China

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> Sent: Sunday, December 16, 2001 7:04 PM

> Subject: Re: What is APL\11 (A Simple Question)

> >[snip]

> >> I referred him some time ago to Jim Weigang's web site and to some of
> >> recent post in this very newsgroup for help. His friends, clients or
> >> associates keep asking the same questions. I don't mind helping but I
> think
> >> someone is pulling a fast one.

> >> Fred

> >What, in God's name, is `a fast one' in this context?

> I read that as they want something for nothing. Someone has quoted them
> a price for some work they want done, and they are trying to get someone
> else to do it for them for free by asking on the newsgroup.
> --
> John Sullivan

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