Can't get on this train... 
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 Can't get on this train...

I'm having a discussion with Todd Marshall on the Compuserve APL forum, and I've
bogged down on a construction:

>> <<From programming in J (Kenneth E. Iverson ISI 1992)

>> conjunction hcb; the expression f hcb g y applies f to the head of y and catenates
>> the result with the result of g applied to the rest (behead) of y. For example:
>>    ! hcb (*/)5 1 2 3 4 5
>> 120 120>>
>> << I think this points out the Greek letters are probably not APL's biggest problem.>>

Thing is I can see the plausibility of the description of hcb, because it seems easy
rewrite the in-line definition:

but when I use the parsing rules, I get a different beast:

          v ((cv)`(cv)`(cv)\) v
          v ((cv) (cv) (cv) ) v
          v ( a    a    a   ) v
          (((v a) a) a) v

What am I missing?

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