Translating COMPLEX.AWS from STSC APL-PLUS to generic APL 
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 Translating COMPLEX.AWS from STSC APL-PLUS to generic APL

I downloaded the file COMPLEX.QQ from WATSERV1. It is an APL-to-ASCII translit-
eration of the COMPLEX.AWS workspace, which is found as a .ZIP file in the same
place. I do not have STSC's APL-PLUS, on which it runs, so I have to decipher
the ASCII transliteration, and copy it into one of my own APL's.
       However, I don't understand the conventions used to represent APL glyphs
in the ASCII version. What guide or rules-of-thumb can I refer to to learn how?

Fri, 22 Dec 1995 08:26:25 GMT  
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