Converting APL2 to J 
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 Converting APL2 to J

Two years ago I wrote an APL2-like system called APL0 by:

0. Running J as a "server" that would read APL0 expressions from the
1. The client was a Visual Basic session manager that would allow APL
entry and display results.
2. I wrote an APL0 to J translator in J that did a fair job considering I
don't know J.

Surprisingly, the difference between APL2 arrays (floating) and J arrays
(grounded) was no big deal. Performance was good. My novice ability in J
was the major stumbling block.

What would be a BIG deal would be an exact simulation of APL2 in J.

If you want to call me at 914-923-3183 I will tell you my tricks.


 P.S. Only in an APL newgroup could I put my personal phone number and
have no worry that too many people would call. ;-)

Sat, 10 Jan 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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