APL96, TENTATIVE venue and dates 
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 APL96, TENTATIVE venue and dates

The APL96 Organizing Comittee has selected the University of Lancaster,
Lancaster, England as the site for APL96, to be held July 28-August 1.
While both site and dates are not yet completely finalized, we are confident
enough to announce them, and a call for papers and participation should
be forthcoming shortly.

Registration cost has not yet been set, but we are striving to keep the total
cost of APl96 attendance reasonable -- on the order of US$ 750 for the
conference registration and 4 days hotel stay.  As the technical program
is planned to include a substantial number of HANDS-ON workshops (at least
one each day), this is quite a low cost indeed.  But the final cost will
depend on our cossts, and of course on the exchange rate between US$ and

For those who might wish (as I do) to combine some tourism with APL96
attendance, Lancaster is located in the North of England, within easy
driving distance of the English Lake District, the Pennine mountains,
and the Yorkshire Dales, and only a few hours from southern Scotland.


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