Help requested for APL on PC 
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 Help requested for APL on PC

I have used the IBM-Madrid version of APL for a long
time on an IBM XT PC, using PrintScreen for output.
Recently I bought a JCN JS 104-386S computer with
a SVGA Philips Monitor, a mathematical coprocessor
and a simple Tally MT 81 Printer. But my APL doesn't
work. It does not know varous symbols like division
and multiplication. They yield a space and hence a
SYNTAX ERROR. PrintScreen kills the whole system
after printing.
So I tried the Sharp version, wich I do not fancy
very much, because I can't edit functions full
screen. The cursor can't be moved up, or can it?
PrintScreen does work, but changes several symbols.
For instance the left arrow yields a spade and rho
yields a square root. Can anybody help me out?
* Fred van der Zwan, Inf. Centre  
* TU Computing Centre; P.O. Box 354
* 2600 AJ  Delft; The Netherlandserlands

Fri, 30 Dec 1994 18:20:16 GMT  
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