NY/SIGAPL 11/30/95: Donnelly on Dyalog APL/W v8 for Windows 95/NT 
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 NY/SIGAPL 11/30/95: Donnelly on Dyalog APL/W v8 for Windows 95/NT

chapter of SIGAPL (the ACM Special Interest Group on APL)

Title of Talk:
        Dyalog APL/W, Version 8, for Windows 95 and Windows NT

        Peter Donnelly, Managing Director
        Dyadic Systems Limited

Thursday, November 30, 1995
at Philips Electronics North America
100 East 42nd Street, 4th Floor
(opposite Grand Central Terminal)
New York City

Room open, 6:00 PM; Talk, 6:30 PM
Meeting fee: NY/SIGAPL member, $5; non-member $10

Peter Donnelly will demonstrate some exciting features of the new
Dyalog APL/W Version 8, developed specially for Windows 95 and Windows
NT, version 3.51. He will show how Windows 95 GUI features, such as
the PropertySheet, TreeView, ListView, Spinner, RichEdit, TrackBar,
and ProgressBar objects, can be used to create state-of-the-art
Windows applications using Dyalog APL/W.
        Peter will also show how Namespaces, another unique Dyalog APL
feature, can be used both to partition workspaces into manageable
subsystems and as the basis for object-oriented programming. He will
also demonstrate the latest enhancements to the Dyalog APL Grid
object, which has become one of the most popular and heavily used
Dyalog APL feature. Finally, Peter will unveil a powerful new
workspace browsing tool for the APL developer.
        Dyadic Systems Limited is the author of Dyalog APL, a range of fully
compatible APL systems for PCs and UNIX computers. Dyadic has been in
the APL business since 1977 and shipped the first version of Dyalog
APL in 1983. The company has a long history of design innovation in
the APL field and released the very first implementation of APL for
Microsoft Windows back in 1992. Since then, Dyalog has pursued a
vigorous development strategy for Dyalog APL/W; it shipped a Windows
95 test version within one month of the MS Windows 95 release.
        Peter Donnelly gained an honors degree in Mechanical Sciences at
Cambridge University. He began his career at Rolls Royce, first in
engineering and later in the field of Operational Research. Peter
subsequently moved to W.H.Smith, where, in the mid 70's, he first used
APL. Peter joined Dyadic in 1978 and spent several years developing a
wide range of APL applications. In 1984, he became responsible for the
commercial success of Dyalog APL and is now Dyadic's Managing
Director. Peter is particularly interested in APL GUI development and
retains a significant involvement in product design.
        John Scholes, the chief architect of Dyalog APL, and Peter Donnelly
were the joint winners of SIGAPL's 1995 Iverson Award.

NY/SIGAPL is grateful to BEAUTIFUL SYSTEMS, INC., for a generous
donation sponsoring the November issue of its newsletter, Big Apple
APL. BEAUTIFUL SYSTEMS distributes Dyalog APL products (for Windows
3.1, Windows 95/NT, and Unix) in the USA; their email address is

        To obtain a free sample copy of the November issue of the newsletter,

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