TCP/IP and CE3 vs CE2.11 
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 TCP/IP and CE3 vs CE2.11


Forgive me if this has been dealt with here before....

I am currently porting my application from CE2.11 to CE3.  Most has gone
OK, but this problem has got me stuck!

We are using TCP/IP to communicate between a 486 (CE) and an in-house
ColdFire.  It all seems to work fine with CE2.11.  On CE3 the interface
dies when CE tries to 'send' a message of >8190 bytes!  If I send a
message of 8190 bytes then that will get sent.  If I try 8191 or more
then much less gets sent before CE gives up.  The errors I have so far
got include the slave not replying or getting WSAECONNRESET or
WSAETIMEDOUT from 'send'.  I've tried splitting messages into 8190byte
blocks with 500ms delay between - this worked once!

I am very wary of something that works with CE2.11 but not with CE3 (I
have already found that I had to increase the 'ReadIntervalTimeout' from
1ms to 10ms to keep my RS485 interface working..)

Any and all suggestions welcome.



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Mon, 02 Aug 2004 23:25:45 GMT  
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