Question about CComboBox Control 
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 Question about CComboBox Control

I am using PPC2002 and eVC++3.0.

I designed a dialog-based program with CComboBox Control inside. To avoid
resource leakage and speed the performance, I did not delete current dialog
before I move to a new dialog. Instead, I hide it by ShowWindow (SW_HIDE) so
it is still in the memory, and I can display it later if I need to come
back. However, I found every time when I come back to a dialog, the items
inside of the CComboBox Control are doubled. For example, from
{"Odd";"Even"} to {"Odd";"Even", "Odd";"Even"}.

I found a method to solve this problem by Reset it and add the items again.
For example:
 m_Combo1.ResetContent ();
 m_Combo1.AddString (_T("Odd"));
 m_Combo1.AddString (_T("Even"));

However, it takes time to reset and add the items particularly when there
are lots of CComboBox controls. Anybody can provide an alternative solution
to speed the software?

Thanks in advance.


Wed, 14 Dec 2005 04:56:46 GMT  
 Question about CComboBox Control
When do you populate the control? Is it simply invoked twice by a load/show

Sun, 18 Dec 2005 06:49:31 GMT  
 Question about CComboBox Control
Thanks, I checked the codes, and it is not invoked twice by a load/show.

I tried another test by not using AddString() function, instead, I set the
items of CComboBox in Resource View, and I found the same thing happened:
the items are doubled when I come back from another dialog. So AddString()
is not the reason. I hide the dialog before I go to a new dialog, and
display it as well run OnInitDialog() again when I come back. It is the
OnInitDialog() causing the problem.


> When do you populate the control? Is it simply invoked twice by a
> event?

Mon, 19 Dec 2005 00:16:58 GMT  
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