Build problem in eVc4.0 
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 Build problem in eVc4.0

I had a trouble when I built a program in evc4.0
the error message is
"An application targeting a StandSDK for windows CE .NET
and build for the X86CPU cannot be run on the emulator
device. In order to run this application on any CPU other
than the emulator, you will have to install an SDK that is
compatible for Windows CE .NET, then target a shadow
platfom pertaing to that SDK".
I had install pocket pc, pock pc2002 sdk, standard sdk
(standard sdk emulator) and windows ce .NET 4.1 device
emulator(include evc sp1) in my computer, but it sees not
work, Is there anything I miss, or what the problem it
is ? what is the solution? thank you.

Sun, 29 May 2005 00:13:03 GMT  
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