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I am trying to create, open, write and read a database in
WinCE. I am able to Create, Open and write but not able to
do a Seek or Read.

I do get a non-zero return value from CeWriteRecordProps()
function. But when I try to Seek or Read, I am getting an
error code of 25 for Seek and 87 for Read. Here is a
sample code below. I would appreciate if anyone can tell
me whats wrong with my code. Just for trying it out, I put
the Seek and Read right after Writing to the database.

Thanks in advance


//Code starts

//For storing user entered values from the dialog box
 rc = DialogBoxParam (hInst, TEXT ("EditAddressbookDlg"),
                         EditAddressBookDlgProc, (LPARAM)
    if (rc == 0)
        return 0;

    // Write the record.
    oid = CeWriteRecordProps(g_hDB, 0, NUM_DB_PROPS,pcepv);
    if (!oid)  {
        rc = GetLastError ();
        wsprintf (szText, TEXT ("Write Rec fail. Error %d
(%x)"), rc, rc);
        MessageBox (hWnd, szText, TEXT ("Error"), MB_OK);
        //Testing Seek and Read

        oid = CeSeekDatabase (g_hDB, CEDB_SEEK_BEGINNING,
1, &dwIndex);
                if (oid == 0) {
                        TCHAR szTxt[64];
                        INT rc = GetLastError();
                        wsprintf (szTxt, TEXT ("Db item
not found. rc = %d (%x)"),rc, rc);
                        MessageBox (NULL, szTxt, TEXT
("err"), MB_OK);

                // Read all properties for the record.

                oid = CeReadRecordProps (g_hDB,
                if (oid == 0) {
                        TCHAR szTxt[64];
                        INT rc = GetLastError();
                        wsprintf (szTxt, TEXT ("Db   item
not read. rc = %d (%x)"),rc, rc);
                        MessageBox (NULL, szTxt, TEXT
("err"), MB_OK);
                                                return 0;

Mon, 27 Dec 2004 22:30:41 GMT  
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