WCE: coredll.dll and its API storage 
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 WCE: coredll.dll and its API storage

How do you do ?

Yesterday I replaced the malloc() & free() addresses
in the import table of a loaded MFCCExxx(D).DLL in a process (!)

An own heap with its manager worked with great success:
a CMap with 500 CObLists with 100 CObjects in each list
(where an object had a CString[iCount%20])
was dynamicly serialised (store&load) with the time = Orig_CE_OS_Time / 20.
And the time was constant for each serialization (!)

But today,
I have seen what my MFC.dll performs for example:
m_pszAppName = _tcsdup(m_pszExeName);

... and _tcsdup() calls of course not my replaced malloc() ...

Is there a simple method to define the full coredll.dll function list,
their results thrugh malloc() are completed, please ?

Once I dreamed, that the coredll.dll provides a method
like to setup the callbacks() for malloc() & free() ...
Was it a dream only ?

Thank you !

Tue, 05 Oct 2004 18:26:25 GMT  
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